Challenge Accepted!

The Opinionated Man inspired me to write out of my comfort zone today. Challenge accepted.


I respire. I perspire. I hold onto my husky desire, smoky like my leather jacket rubbing against your rough voice, rubbing ashes into my skin, and smoldering my heart.

Smoked a bottled, drank a cigarette, and I ain’t complainin’. Your eyes melt into a Corona Extra and the room became all of you. I want to swallow you whole, and taste your bitterness. For hope that you will become sweet again. To me.

I am no warrior. I can’t fight against your boulder body, shouldering me away from the bullets of them other wolves who also want my vulnerability. You are all mine, you once told me. Mine, mine, mine. My gold, my silver, my treasure.

You had been drunk. And I had to carry you like the cross, 300 pounds deep into my back and I had to carry you up the driveway, up the stairs, up to the roof where you sobered up and we gazed at the stars.

You respired. You perspired. You tried to hold on to your husky desire, but no. You slipped away- far, far away. I burned trees for you across the Amazon, so that you could find your way home. By the ashes, I am waiting.

– The Finicky Cynic



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