Things I Shouldn’t Do (but do anyway)

Face it: as human beings, we’re selfish. We want nothing but the best for ourselves, regardless of our emotional state. I am even skeptical of those who volunteer or do philanthropic work: are they really doing it for the sake of benefiting humanity, or just for the sake of looking good for others?

I have compiled a brief list that I, as a twenty-something college student living in a first-world country, do. Yet, I believe that they can apply to people of all generations and backgrounds, too. Perhaps you see a bit of yourself in some of them, if not the majority. Enjoy the cringe!

  • Taking an hour’s shower and using up all of the hot water.
  • Using the equipment at the gym for a long while, even though you’re fully aware that people are waiting to use it (my response: “I got, like, four more sets to go”).
  • Taking more than a fair share of the chocolate tuxedo cake at the dinner reception (it’s fucking delicious, that’s way).
  • Seeing something disgusting inside a public bathroom toilet and, rather than flushing it, pretend that you didn’t see it (and instead wait for another toilet to be vacant).
  • Choosing to skip out on helping your organization with events, even when you’re free (because you would rather waste your time on Facebook or Tumblr; it really is awful).
  • Undress and change in the middle of the room, with my window curtains fully opened (sometimes, my roommates are occupying the bathroom, or simply, I’m just too lazy to go in to do so. I have this crazy assumption that the windows are tinted, so no one will be able to see me. I have no evidence to prove that, though).
  • Actually study for Final exams (instead of WordPress blogging. Whoops). 😛

If you have things that you do that you shouldn’t do, let me know; I’d love to hear them, crazy or not! ‘Til next time!

– The Finicky Cynic


3 thoughts on “Things I Shouldn’t Do (but do anyway)

  1. The bathroom thing I do and don’t even feel all that bad about it because I did industrial cleaning for 3 years and so I put in my time cleaning others messes. The other things no I don’t do those. For myself I look at being a giving person as my way of paying it forward. In the past 7 years I have needed a lot of help because of my disabilities and there is no way I could pay anyone back with money and they would not take it if I could so whenever I am able I help someone that needs it and of course would help those that helped me. I don’t do it for praise I do it because for me it is the right thing to do no more no less.
    There are many reasons that people help others and I suppose that one could argue why would it matter so long as people in need get the help they need and as long as they are not being exploited or doing it in order to make some kind of profit. I am a long way from a little miss goodie two shoes but I do have my soft spots here and there.

    Just my 2 cents!

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