My Towel Got Stolen?! (#JuneJour Challenge, Day 3)

Hello, hello.

Something very interesting happened to me today. What made it even stranger was that before (and even afterwards), my day had been relatively normal. Anyway, enough anticipation. Let’s kick it.

I went to swim at the gym this afternoon. After locking my stuff up in the locker, hanging my towel on one of the hangers, swam, and came back to the locker room, I found that my towel was GONE. Shit. My body froze for a second, not just because I was starting to get cold from standing there wet, but also because I realized that my towel wasn’t there. It was not where I had exactly placed it. I repeat: IT WAS NOT THERE!

So, what did I do next? I paced the entire locker room for any signs of my towel, and even went back out to the swimming area to check in case someone had just mistaken it for theirs and had it hung on one of the racks there. Nothing. 

I went back into the locker room, still wet, but put on my clothes nevertheless and got my keys and phone (which were safely secured in my locked locker, thank god). I went up to the front desk to report it. Told them that I suspect someone stole it, and asked what to do. The guy employer answered that all they could do was write a report, so I did (although I highly doubt that it will turn up anyway, but worth a shot). He added that it was kind of ridiculous that someone would steal a towel, instead of valuables like car keys or wallets. He also mentioned that another person had came up to the front desk and reported his/her missing towel before I did, so it was two robberies within the same hour. From the accounts of the “witnesses,” they had noticed that, around the time I was there, there were two teenage girls acting disruptive in the locker room, and had suspected something. Strangely, I realized that I had seen them, too, and, aside from thinking that they were loud and immature, I had paid them no mind. Come to think of it, although they were clad in skimpy bikinis and all, I did not see them at the pool while I was swimming. Now that is very suspicious…

Anyway, I know that I am ranting and making this bigger of a deal than I should, but it got me thinking: who the fuck would want to steal a towel?! Especially if it has been used? Seriously, it has got to be the dumbest thing ever. From the accounts, I am pretty sure that it is those very same girls who stole my towel, as well as the other victim’s. And if I see them again, I will kill them. Fuck them.

Humanity is dead, guys.

– The Finicky Cynic


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