A Day in Life (#JuneJour Challenge, Day 6)


I found this challenge from the Daily Post, and decided to write about it. Consider it challenge accepted! You can find the challenge posted here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/rare-medium/

Without further ado, here’s a snapshot of a typical day for me (prose-style):


Wake up to the glow at the tip of bursting behind the shades trying to contain its glory. I groan and moan, still sore but dammit, I promised myself an early day today. Up and out, down the hall and to the right. Toilet, soap, more soap, and toothbrush. Stretches on the bed and one, two, three, four, sixty and repeat. There, that’s done. Breakfast consists of carbs, dairy, and a newspaper on-hand for the latest paper of news. Back upstairs, online: blog, Youtube, Tumblr, blog, Facebook, checking emails, blog, and repeat. Lunchtime is day-old pasta and water: it has got to be one of the most delicious combinations known to man-kind. Give it try- I swear it’s good. Core, walk the dog, and repeat. Dinner with the fam, and back to work. Turn in. Repeat. Go go go. Good night gentlemen ladies, good night. Good night good night good night and good morning, at the crack of dawn. It’s back to the start, lovelies.

– The Finicky Cynic



2 thoughts on “A Day in Life (#JuneJour Challenge, Day 6)

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