Graduation! (#JuneJour Challenge, Day 7)

Well…not me.

Today marks a milestone in the life of someone dear to me: my sister. She walked the track like a runway, across the Astroturf of the football field, and took her seat in the front of the ceremony. Valedictory optimate, that was what she was.

And although the ceremony lasted longer than it had need be (in my humble, personal opinion, two of the speakers were not necessary to have- other than being school board officials, their speeches were long-winded and pretty much added nothing to the event), and although I was freezing my ass off in the early evening wind, I nevertheless felt pride for her, my sister who has come a long way in her education career and is set on going on to do bigger, better things. Those pictures we took afterwards solidified this moment, capturing it for reference in the years to come.

Celebratory dinner afterwards, and we ate well. Heart’s happy, belly’s content.

Once again, congratulations. May you have the best summer in a long time.

– The Finicky Cynic


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