Summer! (#JuneJour Challenge, Day 10)

Just throwing it out there that today is the first day of the Summer Solstice. Whoohoo! 😀

People say that the first day of summer is the longest day of the year, and I agree. Especially today, this day of the year. So much happened today, and I loved every minute of it. I’m so glad that the day felt eternal, because the experiences I experienced, while not life-changing, felt eternal to me.

My day started out bright and early, at 6:30 am. Gym and (some) work for my internship, then was off to lunch with the family. Spent the later half of the morning and early afternoon at the pier, roughly 15 to 20 miles from home. It was refreshing not only to get out of the house, but also to go somewhere new. Tried a new restaurant, had some fabulous pork belly tacos with sips of drafted beers overlooking the dock of the bay, teeming with boats of all sizes and shapes. It was a beautiful day and we sat outside to eat, drinking in both the nautical scenery and our beverages. Took a walk on the boardwalk for a brief moment afterwards, took some pictures of the ships and lighthouse, and returned home.

Got back at around 1, but didn’t have much time to relax, because shortly at 3, I attended a gathering with friends at one of their houses, within walking distance from my home. For over 7 hours, there was never a moment without laughter. If I could sum up the gathering in just a few words (or terms), they would be: costume party, pizza, rum and Coca Cola, “Never have I ever,” campfire, and homemade s’ mores. It was fantastic; we kept the conversation at once light and profound, like rowing, this nuance that can be at times difficult to achieve. But no, we mastered this balance.

All of these years, we managed to keep in touch, despite our differences and distance from each other. And as I made my way home tonight, I reflected, and felt this immense happiness, this sense of satisfaction that the day went so well. I am looking forward to the rest of the summer and what it will bring. Can’t wait!

-The Finicky Cynic


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