Prose, Take Two (#JuneJour Challenge, Day 11)


I was pleasantly surprised to see my post, titled “Prose, Take One,” received wonderful reception. You can find the link to the original post here:

Anyway, I thought to myself: Hm, maybe I’m actually good at this. Prose doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore! Hence, I’m inspired to flex my prose-writing chops again and give you another taste of something sweet- summertime. Thanks for the support; this is for you! 🙂


Sweltering heat, of bonfires burning and dancing enrapturing enchantments in front of my eyes. A little too much rum and Coke, I tell myself, but I don’t give a damn; because in this moment, we’re immense, we’re omniscient, powerful. Once more, we are united, seven hours deep into the party, and with no signs of stopping. The sun refuses to leave; after all, it vowed to make this the longest day of the year (and so it did). Together, we eclipse darkness, beating the shadows away from the walls, holding on to what we have of this moment, a spinning revelry of record-players and pizza, of conversations and campfire s’mores (there’s always a first time for everything and I have no regrets). And even as the solstice dips into the break of the blood orange horizon, we stay on, merging into the feverish fire of our affinity. ‘Til infinity, we’re a team. The team.

– The Finicky Cynic


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