Strike a Chord: The Daily Post Challenge

Hello, and happy July!

Today’s challenge from The Daily Post (link here: resonated with me (pun intended), so I decided to go ahead and express my relationship with two instruments that hold particular places in my heart: the piano and the violin, prose-style. It’s frustrating, it’s messy, but it’s also joyous and a gratifying experience; I regret nothing. Brace yourself.

Keychains and elbow strings


Keychains and elbow strings sing into my heart, singing

vivid melodies that haunt cerebral musings days and night, dream by

dream. I know not

what makes my chest beat so, swell so, burst so from this ecstasy when

I touch you, stroke your curves like a feline as you purr sweet responses…

…but it doesn’t matter.


We hadn’t been this comfortable with each other before. I remember,

when everyone else was having their honeymoon phases,

we were still arguing. Screaming and crying, slamming doors in each other’s

faces. I hated you, hated you, hated you, and I wanted nothing to do with you.

You didn’t care if I’d succeeded or failed, you didn’t care at all.

It was hell.


But then…

You changed.


I changed.


Something happened and the strings came undone. Slowly did we learn to

understand each other and look past our weaknesses.

My fingers began to pick up the pace, and you caught up facilely.

We were a team,

the Team.



Hence, our history:

…slowly did we connect.

…slowly did I love you.

– The Finicky Cynic



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