An Odd Trio: Daily Post Challenge

Well, well, well.

Another day, another post inspired by The Daily Post ( When I first read the prompt, I was, like, Wtf? How am I suppose to incorporate a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel into my work? Like, seriously?

But then I thought: Well, this is a challenge after all. And I never met a challenge that I wouldn’t take on. So here it is!

Lazy summer, chillin’ by the waves azure and sound. My cat tickles my toes as he struts his stuff along the catwalk-way of the sandy shore. I recline back on my beach towel, body hidden under the umbrella’s shadow for extra protection from the penetrating rays.

Thirsty, I took out a beer bottle from the cooler and popped it open, the foams lightly frothing out and mirroring those of the tides colliding against the rocks. But the brew didn’t quench my thirst; I wanted more. I took out a carafe of water and drank that- no help. My mouth was parched, my throat scratching sandpaper tunes against my vocal chords. Seriously, this heat…

And magically…

…chilled cucumber soup. A bowl of soup, of all things. I felt the pulp  slide slowly, slowly carefully down, itself a soothing lotion. Never thought that soup could also be served cold, but c’est une possibilité. Never thought that hot could be cold- never thought that hot could be cold to cool a hot summer day.

But it did.

– The Finicky Cynic


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