Prose, Take Three

Hello, my lovelies.

Back in June (which was seriously just a week or so ago), I tried my hand at prose writing. Being a poet, I decided to challenge myself beyond poesy and venture into a different realm of écriture. Having received such a warm response, here’s my first prose piece for the month of July! I’m thinking about making this a monthly activity- what do you think? And enjoy! 🙂


What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher painter astronaut? Do you like the color blue? Or green? Fruits? Bananas or peaches?

I’m questioned and questioned to the point of nausea and I really wish to be left alone. Sometimes, I want to tell them that isn’t it the reason behind liking it that’s more important, instead of the actual choice?

But, if you insist…

I want to be happy when I get older. Yes, I like the color blue. And green. I like bananas AND peaches. I like ’em both.

I like questions and questions. And I like answering and answering. But sometimes I get run-down like a bicyclette and I need a break. So give me a break. Rest yourself. Repose yourself as well. Then can we get the wheels running again.

– The Finicky Cynic


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