Seat Guru (The Daily Post Challenge)

If you were to invite four to eight of your favorite writers, artists, celebrities (dead or alive), who would they be? The Daily Post has offered this as a challenge (, and so here’s my list! Let’s get the ball rollin’! 🙂

1. Apn9a (aka Emy)

Vegan, French, and with amazing blue hair, Emy just seems like a nice person to be around. Although she speaks in English to her Youtube audience, I wouldn’t mind communicating with her in Franglish!

2. Sara Bareilles

An amazing musician, I’ve had a girl-crush on her since her very first album, Little Voice, came out back in 2007. I got to see her in concert a few years ago, and she was incredible. She also seems like a genuinely fun person to be around, always smiling and bubbly, but also not ashamed to get snarky and raunchy (listen to her song “Sweet As Whole” and you’ll know what I mean ;)).

3. Emily Dickinson

The only individual not alive today on my list, Dickinson and her poetry have captured my heart, giving me so many feels that I’ve reblogged a good number of her works on my Tumblr. They are just that amazing! From what I’ve read, she was introverted and a recluse when she was alive; I want to meet her, in order to coax her from that shell and discuss life and poetry with her (and perhaps get Craig Santos Perez to join us!).

4. Dillon Francis

I discovered him last year, when I was taking a summer class on EDM (electronic dance music. And yes, my school offers such courses!). He has gotten pretty popular over the last three years; not only can he spin some tunes as a DJ, but his off-beat humor has captured my heart. I’d say he would be perfect for getting drinks with after dinner.

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

C’mon, what’s there not to love about him? An actor, musician, founder of hitRECord, this dude is perfect. He also has this lovely charm to him, which makes him oh-so attractive. I wouldn’t mind having conversations in French with him (he knows French!) while having some wine (perhaps Apn9a can join us then!).

6. Callan McAuliffe

Honestly, I “flipped” for him ever since I saw him in “Flipped” (of course…). Not only is he adorable and Australian, but he is also active in wildlife preservation/ philanthropic organizations- amazingly, at such a young age (19). Plus, the statuses he posts on his Facebook are epic- witty and oh-so crush-worthy. 🙂

7. Astrid Ovalles

…again, alluring. Dark and mysterious. And from her interviews, she seems to be a very cultured woman who is into issues that I especially care for (i.e. feminism, LGBT rights). She could definitely offer some stimulating conversations at the dinner table.

8. Craig Santos Perez

A Chamorro poet, Perez has published several books ([hacha], [saina], [guma’]) expressing his roots from Guam, and how territorialization has affected his native culture. I discovered his works while taking an English class at my university, and I was blown away by his modern-style poems. I’ve yet to purchase his newest book, [guma’], but he would be a great individual to discuss poetry and English with. 🙂

So here are my ideal individuals for my ideal feast. I really wish I could invite more guests, ’cause I have so many more who I would like to see then, but…that’s life. Voilà! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic



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