Preferences, Preferences… (The Daily Post Challenge)

Hi, there!

Inspired by today’s The Daily Post write-up (which can be found here:, I decided to shed light on the movie and the book that has gotten everyone talking, but me…not so much.

But first things first: just because I don’t think a universally-acclaimed film or novel is that great doesn’t make me a hipster. In fact, I am not a hipster- I don’t wear vintage, I don’t listen to indie rock or participate in swing dance, and whatever stereotypical things that hipsters supposedly “do.” Simply put, I have an opinion; I have likes and dislikes that don’t necessarily agree with others, and there should be nothing wrong with that. I’m sure you have your own preferences that don’t mash with mine or others, too.

Man, that paragraph took too long. All right, on with it!


The most recent film that I believe got everyone riled up about was the second installment of The Hunger Games, titled Catching Fire. By then (and still continues today), Jennifer Lawrence, aka Katniss Everdeen has become a household name, not only for her incredible acting skills, but also for her funny and “real” personality in the media. And critics/fans of the film say that she did an awesome job delving deeper into the character of Katniss, the tortured heroine who must once again fight her way through the Hunger Games. She defies the Capitol once more, which makes her an ultimate badass.

Now, to be frank, I thought the two-plus hours of the film was good. Good, but not mind-blowingly excellent. It was just entertainment- pure entertainment for me. Even Jennifer Lawrence’s acting, while well done, was just that: acting. I think the media ruined it for me, with her interviews and cover shoots and all. No matter how convincing she was as Katniss Everdeen, I still saw her as Jennifer Lawrence. I know, it’s complicated.

And before watching it, I had high expectations. My classmates, who had watched it during opening night, were ecstatic the following day, raving about how it was “SOOO good!” and all. I’m a downer for disagreeing- and I’m fine with that.


The buzz over The Fault in Our Stars is just too great. Both the novel and the movie. I read the book a few months (perhaps one year) when it first came out, because it was big on the news, in the magazines, and among my peers. So I checked it out from the library (after it was no longer on hold- yes, people were waiting to read it!) and began.

My reaction? Sure, it’s cute and poignant, filled with clever quips and musings, but I didn’t fall in love with it. In no way the characters are realistically portrayed- there’s no way an Augustus Waters can exist in real life. But then again, the theme of cancer, death, and the characters’ struggle to deal with them were very real. So kudos to John Green for that.

TFIOS also made waves (quite literally) with the amount of tears shed over its story. I’ve heard people have cried over the book, and definitely at the theaters. I, on the other hand, did not. Maybe it’s because I don’t usually cry when it comes to things like books, films, or other forms of media entertainment.

Funny enough, however, I can’t think of a television show that is so popular and well-liked which I don’t actually enjoy. Either I’ve never watched such a program or I liked it as well.

So that’s my shpeal for the day. Thanks, The Daily Post, for offering the topic! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


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