Camp Belvidere: A Review

The wait is over. Finally.

After a year of much anticipation (one could say anxiety, fear that it was never going to be finished), the independent short film Camp Belvidere was released. When I found out the news, thank god that I was alone in the house, because I was fangirling so hard (AHHHHH!!!) 😀

But then came the wait for the film to be available for purchase and viewing. That took about a week and a half. A week and a half of twiddling thumbs, twitching fingers, and impatience.

And once it became available…I POUNCED. Rented the film on Vimeo, and began watching.

My reaction? Read on…

WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD! (Read at your own discretion…)

CB was gorgeous: the scenes, the musical score, even the actors. Especially the actors. 😉

Rose and Gin.
Rose and Gin.

Gin (Astrid Ovalles) has my heart. So does Rose (Molly Way). Heck, even Ms. Turner and Bobby are wonderful. The whole cast is beautiful.

It’s quite amazing that a film can consist of just four actors. Then again, there are films that only star one!

Sex scenes were hot (the first occurring within the first four minutes of the film whaaat?), and the close-ups of the lead’s visages were well-done.

But now…it’s time to get critical.

Don’t get me wrong: I was happy/impressed/satisfied with how CB turned out. But my inner critic self also wants to offer opinions on what were strange and slightly off about the film. A movie, a book, heck, even a piece of cheese always have their flaws.


At times, I found the cuts a bit choppy. Example: early on in the film, Rose is in her cabin, after having been rejected by Gin in the aftermath of their affair. She lies in bed, hands covering her eyes, supposedly crying. The next shot has her still lying on the bed, but now eyes uncovered, face stoically immobile. It’s a very minor detail, but that moment threw me off a bit.

Dialogue: for the most part, the conversations between Rose and Gin, Gin and Ms. Turner, and so on have been simple, but convincing. Add in some extra facial expressions and the scene’s amplified. But again, at times I found the dialogue to be too…jumpy. Transitioning too soon for me to soak in what just happened. For instance, in the opening scene, Gin and Rose talk, just chitchat about a book that the latter’s holding, and suddenly, Gin leans back and says, “Talk to me.” “What do you want to hear?” “All of it- catch me up.” And I was left a tad lost, confused. But the film continued on, and I adjusted.

Another (final) thing was the logic. Specifically, the scene where Rose is reading one of the books she borrowed from Gin (D.H. Lawrence’s The Rainbow): she is reading and we, as the audience, listen to her voice (produced as an overlapping-of-layers effect) recite the excerpts. She stops reading and the voices die out, looks straight ahead as if in contemplation, then, the next thing I know, she is running along the strand of the beach. My question is: did the book inspire her to run? Something that I will never know… 😦

Sandwiching it all back in…

The ending to the film was solid. Ambiguously solid, paradoxically, but at least it didn’t end tragically like in Loving Annabelle or all happy-sunshine-rainbows like in I Can’t Think Straight. No, more like a Bloomington. Yes, definitely like Bloomington.

Camp Belvidere theatrical poster.
Camp Belvidere theatrical poster.

Overall, I enjoyed watching Camp Belvidere. No regrets paying $3.99 for it. Heck, I’m probably to go re-watch it once I finish writing this post!

Grade: A-

– The Finicky Cynic

(Disclaimer: I am by no means affiliate with or have any connections to the cast, producers, workers from Camp Belvidere. This review is just my own personal opinion on the film. So don’t sue.)


34 thoughts on “Camp Belvidere: A Review

  1. Delia

    I don’t see this film winning any awards it ran completely off its
    course from the screenplay itself ms Ovalles needs to continue her
    acting classes and her writing classes. Sorry but I just don’t see this
    going anywhere low budget cheap acting and my question is “who did the
    PR for this short story? Forget about it don’t bother spend the $3.99
    elsewhere. Bad script bad acting! Absolute junk.

    1. While I can see your justifications for disliking the film (and even agree with several of them), Astrid Ovalles and her production team have put a lot of effort into making this film, for well over a year. So although it wasn’t the most perfect film out there, I give them props for trying.

      1. Almirante

        I’ve seen her in person she ain’t all that smoke cigs a lot “yucky” looks older than what she is in person. Dream on Rebbit

      2. Astrid Ovalles

        Thank you for your support in your blog btw 🙂 very lovely posts from you, I found! This is our first and we know it wasn’t perfect. Trust me, we are working on getting better every day. ❤

  2. Pam

    Have to agree with Delia sorry. Dear,Ms Ovalles can you spend more money next time low budget means low quality better luck next time spend more get more A for effort D for movie maybe ask for more from your audience $$$$ spend more

  3. Rainbow love

    Finish watching the movie camp b Kinda regretting it $3.99 next time redbox for us maybe astrid ovalles should make a BDSM film I hear she’s great at it making girls submissive to her acting could be a winner better luck next time.

    1. Cindy

      Wow. Certainly agree on that has anyone seen her twitter and tumbler? Displaying extra curricular activities with her GF chains, spanking it just keeps going on My gf and I say gf has issues major issues (mentally) to follow AO like she is a GOD I don’t see any other actress chatting about there private lives Go get help gf Sahra maybe daddy n mommy spanked you way too much.

      1. Yes they both have major issues Astrid thinks she a mistress so she picks a blonde no brainer to make her a slave. And the worst part she’s doing it like a sick puppy. This is so disgusting both tumblers are so out of character for Astrid

      2. Both of them do drugs and drink a lot great way for a career to take off btw GF looks like a skinny dude with a big nose Astrid please put her back in the closet punish her BIG TIME she’s a FUGLY GIRL

  4. Astrid Ovalles

    @delia Is your film any better? Oh, that’s right, you have neither the imagination nor resources to make one …but that’s cool that you spend your time spreading negativity that’s not at all productive.

    Very easy to be nasty when you don’t have to show your face… Try being a decent human being.

  5. Astrid Ovalles

    Btw almirante, I don’t know who the Fuck you are, but I’ve never met you and I don’t smoke. I also happen to find myself and my gf beautiful. I’m kinky and VERY proud of it.

    1. Blah blah blah… That gf is one ugly piece of shit broad being a actress at least represent yourself better and pay for the nose job on her also please fix the voice it’s out of tune pay for it or wait $3.99 it’s more than that is it plastic surgery

    2. Debbie

      Astrid, you don’t have shit to explain to a bunch of jealous haters! FABULOUS WOMAN, keep bringing us great filming. BTW, I rented this movie from Amazon Prime video for $ 1.99 for 7 days. I’ll be watching it everyday. 2 of my co-workers and I watched it on my tablet during our lunch break. Thanks again!!!

      1. Tea

        Agreed, just don’t bother the stupid fellas there. Wise person will not think in their way, trust me.
        Astrid, if you reply them actually you are respond to their angers and hates, this will make you feel the same as them, just ignore them to get a peace of mind. Maybe just a one person create different identities with different emails, so why you want to bother them. You did a great job, and I know you will be better. Keep it up.

    3. Tea

      Astrid, if you reply them actually you are respond to their angers and hates, this will make you feel the same as them, just ignore them to get a peace of mind. Maybe just a one person create different identities with different emails, so why you want to bother them. If they are wasting time to create hate and anger actually they won’t be happy and get a peace in mind, you should sympathy to them not to get a better life. Wise person will not think in their way, trust me. You did a great job, and I know you will be better. Keep it up.

  6. Due to the number of nonconstructive (one can say irrelevant) criticism that I have been receiving, I have stopped approving comments on this post. If this continues, I will disable comments all together. Please stop using this post as a platform for your tirades on Astrid Ovalles and her film; if you have something to say to her, say it to her directly.

    1. Debbie

      I can’t believe the nasty comments! I’m in shock. I think the short film was beautiful. I will watch it again and tell my friends about it. I would like to see more work by this Actress.

  7. Tea

    I feel fun to read your review on this film, I agreed to some of the points…
    And keep finding some of the scenes(from YouTube) which is not shown at the Vimeo…
    But at last, why we care on it, just because we love it so much!

  8. Momo

    I can’t believe the lack of respect thrown in this comments… Anyway! I watched the movie a couple of times. It’s not perfect, i agree. But has substance, it has aesthetics, the music was well chosen and the acting was really good. (I saw bad acting, especially in short movies, and this isn’t it!) I have to disagree with you Rebbit7, on the running scene. It happens to read a book, to find and item that resonates with your feelings, to feel overwhelmed about what you feel and jump out of bed and need to run…just because can’t sit still… And also, the opening scene…The movie starts in the middle of the problem. We don’t see how everything started, but how the facts already are. When Gin leans back and says, “Talk to me.” “What do you want to hear?” “All of it- catch me up.” is a reaction to Roses attempt (who knows how many times already happened) of trying to catch her attention, first sitting on the chair and interrupting Gin in her job, second the questions about the pictures. It’s obvious for Gin that Rose wants to talk. So leans back… At least this is how i sensed the scenes and the movie itself! I wouldn’t mind to see a full length movie after this short, made by Mrs. Astrid Ovalles, of course! Best regards!

  9. Sharna

    What a great film! As a film student and 1950’s history buff I absolutely loved it – the attention to detail was spot on! I was saddened to read some of the bs and quietly frankly rude/ignorant comments in this thread but that’s the type of low level intellect that has become synonymous with internet threads like these unfortunately. Astrid, thank you for making this film. We need more like it out there telling stories like this! Viasabilty of women and films depicting their stories (especially queer women) will make the world a better place. Thank you for this film. Truly. Also – acting of all involved was top shelf 🙂

  10. You see when i read most of the comments i really laughed ok bt they are critiques. Astrid if your work is not criticized how do you make amends?…i must say some were hurtful but please do not react to that Astrid, no movie is perfect. Thumbs up for that idea and the courage for shooting it…i am impressed. You will be one of the best soon, Donot give in ti negativity babe!

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