Good Riddance, Sam Pepper!

Sam Pepper is the reason that I am a feminist.

Well…at least part of the reason…

Seriously, he is one of the millions of male a-holes on this planet who has the audacity to sexually assault women- even worse, on camera.

But let’s rewind a little and see how it all got started:

Sam Pepper is a 25-year-old British Youtuber who has a fanbase of over 2 million subscribers on his channel. He has made a variety of different videos, from random vlogs to life hacks to “Draw My Life.” You know, just like any other vlogging-type of Youtube persona.

He has also made what are so-called “prank” videos, a subject which will lead into how shit went down last week.

Pepper has made several of these videos which he goes out on the street and interacts with strangers, most of them women, and tries to coerce them into doing something with him, whether it is making out, hooking up, or touching them. A few months ago, I actually watched one of them, his video which he pressures young women to make out with him on camera. I mean, who wouldn’t want to kiss a guy with a British accent? That prick. 😛

However, the video that got him under fire was the one where he “ass-pinches” women unknowingly. And all of them not only were shock, but also felt extremely uncomfortable. You could tell. One of them even said (and I quote): “What the hell? What the fuck? No. Oh my God. I don’t like that.” You could definitely see that she was taken by surprise, and also not okay with it.

Shortly after that particular video was uploaded, there was a huge scandal, an outrage in the feminist/equal rights community. Laci Green, fellow Youtube blogger and feminist, had personally written a letter to Sam Pepper saying that what he did was wrong, and requested that he stops. The letter doubled as a petition, and it got over 100,000 signatures in a short amount of time. As a result, his “ass-pinching” video got removed. Good fucking riddance!

However, removing one video doesn’t solve the problem. As Laci Green had said, there are still other pervy horn-dogs out there, especially those who hold power. I recall only months before this happened, another Youtuber, singer Alex Day, was indicted, dropped from his record label after allegations had surfaced of him manipulating relationships with women, including those who were his fans. And if you watch Green’s video, another Youtube channel, “Simple Pickup,” has also done a lot of similar videos, some of them even worse than Sam’s. The scene’s intense and graphic, and man oh man, it disgusted the hell out of me. These “pickup” videos give me more of a reason to hate men.

(Laci Green’s wonderful, albeit graphic video is linked here:)

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Sam Pepper. Never subscribed to his channel, but I did watch some of his videos in the past. His earlier ones (from, like, pre-2013) were all right- albeit dumb challenges and rants, but no sexual-assaulting pranks. They were okay- now they are NOT okay.

And interestingly, after his notorious video was taken down, Pepper uploaded a video with him trying to justify his actions. He said that he had the women’s consent to do what he did, that it was a “social experiment,” and that men are also subjected to sexual assault by women. While what he said might have been true (extremely iffy on the “social experiment” part, though), you still can’t excuse yourself from what you had done. There’s no “Get Out of Jail Free” card in this case, buddy.

Closing off, I just want to add my two cents: guys should not treat girls like pieces of meat for the sake of their sick, sexual gratification. And using the media platform– Youtube– to pressure them and justify it all as a “prank” is just base- so low. More than that, NO ONE, man or woman, should ever treat one another like that. There must be consent.

So go fuck yourself, Sam Pepper.

– The Finicky Cynic

Another thing: I wrote a post similar to this not too long ago, on James Franco’s sex scandal. You can read it here:


3 thoughts on “Good Riddance, Sam Pepper!

  1. While I agree that guy is obviously an asshole… I wouldn’t allow “one person” to push me to join a movement. He also doesn’t represent any other male but himself. I hope you find feminism to be comforting though, I still have no use for it. 🙂

  2. Sam Pepper is a grade A asshole. I see shot like this all the time and it makes my blood boil. I hate that dicks like pepper cast a lingering shadow over other males. Some of us are nice and allies. We need to rally together in solidarity against fuckers like pepper! 🙂

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