Fashionista 101: High-Waisted Shorts

Greetings, and happy Friday. 🙂

Before I get into what I want to talk about today, a disclaimer: this post is NOT a fashion tutorial. Rather, it is about something that I just noticed today when I was browsing the Internet.

To start off, I was skimming the Facebook Newsfeed, just like any other bored individual. Just checking out what’s going on in the world (at least, my circle of “Friends”).

But one of my “Friend’s” statuses particularly bothered me; I am not going to say who posted it, nor quote it by verbatim (for privacy reasons, obviously), but here’s the gist of it:

“My friend is wondering if guys like girls who wear high-waisted shorts. Let me know (GUYS ONLY) if a) Yes, I like them or b) No, they are not attractive.”

Almost immediately, I found this status problematic. Why?

First, this “Friend” had the audacity to fashion a poll out of this one, little question, when he could have just personally responded to his friend’s inquiry. Why does the world have to know that you had this conversation with your friend?

…and after he received some backlash from some commenters, he justified that it was his friend who had asked him to survey others about this matter, so that she could change/not change her style. Which doesn’t really make sense in my mind, because why should she give a shit about how she looked? Especially to guys?

Even sad, a majority of the commenters who were guys said that high-waisted shorts are not attractive. Now, the fact that they don’t like them as only shorts, the way that they’re designed and fabricated and all, is fine. But to say that you don’t like them on a girl as a reason to date them is just plain superficial. Which is what all of the girl commenters (and a few guys) had written on the Facebook post. Right on, people, right on.

To get things straight, this “Friend” wasn’t intentionally trying to be sexist. But I do believe that he wasn’t using his best judgment. He should have known the possible consequences before posting that comment.

I also found this article that talked about high-waisted shorts as well, but in more detail. Basically, the writer interviewed more guys and asked them the same question, of whether they like high-waisted shorts or not. Some of the comments were awful; I quote:

“It’s the worst trend I’ve ever seen. The idea to actually make your ass look ‘worse’ is beyond my sense of knowledge. Do ANY guys like this trend?”

“They’re boner killers. They are the granny panties of pants. Literally nobody can pull them off. They look as off-balanced as an uncircumcised penis. Girls that wear them literally look like they smell bad. I always just assume that girls who wear high-waisted shorts are rocking the old-school, nude-colored, belly button-touching granny panties underneath.”
-Nick, 36

“I really see them as fat hiders. Never seen them on a girl in great shape.”
-Nick, 29

…and these are just a few of the many, blatantly stupid comments from this article (full article here:

Like, really?! Who says that we have to impress guys with what we wear, let alone give them boners? I thought guys wouldn’t care less if we wore what we wanted to wear, even if it is something like sweatpants, skinny jeans, or dresses. Anything. Turns out, they’re just as shallow as girls who look for guys in “masculine” trousers. I have no freakin’ clue.

This goes back to the objectification of our bodies. Female bodies. We’re not seen for our character, or even for our faces. No, our bodies– we are nothing but just a bunch of ass and tits. At least, from what those guys had said. Whatever encourages them to get girls into their bunk. Their ratchet, horn-headed bunks.

From my personal opinion, I think high-waisted shorts are pretty rad; in fact, it looks quite attractive on some girls. But in the end, it’s just a pair of pants. So why base an individual on a scrap of cloth?

‘Til later, all.

– The Finicky Cynic



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