40-Day Challenge!

Hi, there!

I was on WordPress the other day when a post from Wordserve Water Cooler caught my eye. Titled “40-Day Challenge: Telling the Stories that Matter Most,” I found myself drawn to the idea of writing for forty days. (Link to the post is here: http://wordservewatercooler.com/2014/10/03/40-day-challenge-telling-the-stories-that-matter-most/)

And not just simply writing- no, I want to write and produce the best content, best quality that I can possibly make on my blog.

The purpose of this 40-Day Challenge is to tell stories that are dear to you, as well as re-evaluate the goals you have in life- to succeed, to be happy, and so forth. There is no specific prompt or direction for this challenge, and I’m glad for that sense of flexibility and freedom.

Granted, I’ve mentioned to you in a previous post that, with school starting and all, I may not have the time to write frequently on WordPress. But this 40-Day Challenge has done that thought away, and I am set on making this happen!

So for this month and the following one, I will post a story, a commentary, a poem for you every day- fresh on my mind or timeless, personal and/or universal. My goal is to brighten your day as well as mine, and bring to the surface issues otherwise left unsaid. I want this blog to be a place for my mind to develop, my conscience stimulated and expanded to heights untouched.

Without further ado, I accept the challenge! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic



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