It’s That Time of Year Again, Folks… (40-D Challenge, Day 19)

Fuck this weather.

There, I said it. I hate the fall. I hate the falling leaves, the back-to-school, back-to-work routine, the drop in the temperature, all of this change.

But most importantly, I hate the fact that everyone starts getting sick at this time.

For God’s sake, I am sick. I really was hoping not to catch the cold this time around; for the past three years in college, I would get sick at least once, which would then last for one to two weeks. And during those times, it SUCKED. My God, it fucking sucked.

And now- behold! I’m coughing up a storm, day in and day out. I’m freaking dying. I can’t go for a full minute without feeling that tickling sensation in my throat, just itching to expel more germs into the air. The phlegm stuck in there isn’t helping, either.

The dry throat started last week when I came home for the weekend. Thought that it was from the sugary drink that I had (which tends to dry out my throat anyway), and assumed that it would go away soon enough. Wrong I was! Went to the doctor’s the next day to get my flu shot- thought that that would do the trick. Once again, WRONG. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The dry throat persisted, and things got really bad starting Monday, when I came back to school. That was when the coughing ensued.

Tuesday was horrible. To start it off, I had to wake up early, 6 am, for my tutoring organization. The horrible part wasn’t waking up early (I don’t actually mind that), but rather it was the fact that there were five of us tutors crammed in a Toyota Prius (aka full house), and that I was stuck in the back seat, in the middle. Not only was I trying not to cough, but also I was trying not to expel my sickness to the rest of the crew. God, it was shitty…

Even worse that day, I had to, at one point, leave in the middle of my class because the coughing spasms just kept coming. Fuck, they kept on coming, and at a certain point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I went out in the middle of lecture, and continued my coughing fit down the hall, all the way to the bathroom where I stayed until I was ready to head back (about five minutes). Came back to the classroom, feeling a bit better, but still not-so-great.

I thought that, by Wednesday, I would feel better, but boy was I wrong. Foiled again (darn!). I felt so bad coughing in my poetry class as my classmates were reading their works. I really felt sick from all of the dry hacking going on in there.

I’ve tried almost everything non-medicinal, from drinking water to cough drops to full-on self-repression. Nothing worked. I hate this feeling, this tickling feeling underneath the front of my throat, that expulses me to cough. I’m getting hiccups and the burps as a result from this- not pleasant.

I hope to god that I get better soon. I can’t afford to let it deter me from focusing on school work and other activities. I need to stay on top of things, especially since this is my final year.

Then again, at least this isn’t freaking ebola. ‘Cause that shit is terrifying, not to mention life-threatening. I hope that I never get that *crosses fingers

Seriously, though, fuck this shit. Fuck you, sickness.

– The Finicky Cynic


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