Girl Crushes… (40-D Challenge, Day 22)

Hi, there!

Sooo…here’s the thing about girl crushes: they’re completely normal! It’s fine to harbor intense feelings for a girl which do not have to be romantic. Not at all. Just a lot of feels.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a girl crush is: “an intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one woman or girl for another.” So there: validated my point.

A girl crush can be on any individual of the female race: an actress, a singer, that cute girl at the airport check-in while waiting for your flight (yes, true story).

I’m a girl and I have girl crushes. Does that make me a lesbian? A resounding NO. Us females, regardless of sexual orientation, are free to have strong admiration or a strong liking for another of the same sex. Perfectly fine.

But moving forward…

I have here a list of my girl crushes for the moment. Some are high-profile celebrities, some are  those who I know personally (and who I will guard their names with initials, in case they find this blog. Can’t be too careful!). Let’s get down to business!

1. Sara Bareilles

Fell in love with her and her voice since Little Voice came out. She’s got that jazz-y, cabaret blues soul feel to her music, even though she’s gone pop in the last couple years. Still lover her, though. She’s beautiful, on top of her beautiful voice. Snarky as hell, too, especially when I saw her in concert a few years ago. Love her. ❤

2. Sarah Bolger

I could listen to her speak all day, with that light Irish lilt. Although she’s been in several notable films like In America and The Spiderwick Chronicles, as well as TV shows like The Tudors and Once Upon a Time (I ship Murora hard-core. Very hard-core), she is quite a low-key actress. She definitely deserves more recognition, ’cause she’s just that awesome.

3. Anna Camp

A native of South Carolina, I detect traces of Southern gentility in her presence: she seems poised and courteous in her interviews, and it’s not just because she’s an actress: it’s in her blood. She was hilarious in Pitch Perfect and god, she can also sing! Blond hair, blue eyes, big smile- all-American qualities. What more do you need? 😉

4. E

Ever since we met about six, seven months ago, you have been the apple of my eye. Platonic, of course. You’re adorable- what more can I say? Sweet, I suppose: gentle, always smiling, always with that wide-eyed curious look in your warm, brown eyes. I hope our paths will cross again.

5. Ellie Goulding

Was introduced to her music by a friend in 2011, and ever since I’ve been a fan. The first song that I ever listened to was “Fighter Plane,” which is a B-side to “Under the Sheets” (I think), and I have no idea how to obtain it other than from Youtube (sad sad). But I digress. Besides her ethereal voice, she has the most freakin’ sculpted cheekbones ever. I swoon whenever she busts some hip-rocking dance moves (check out her MV for “Lights” and you’ll know what I mean). And she’s a runner, competing in 5, 10Ks, which is right up my alley! Gotta love her. 🙂

6. L

You may know me, and maybe you don’t. But somehow, your presence has intensified my feelings for you, and you don’t even know it. What more can I say, except that you have the best carved smile that the English department has to offer, and that your silence in the classroom comes off not as snobbish or stupid, but shyly adorable. I wish you the best in the fall.

7. Astrid Ovalles

This is the third time I’m mentioning her on my blog, but god: not only is she gorgeous (in that vintage, ’50’s style fit-up), but from her interviews she seems like a very cultured, very well-expressed woman. Although she is not yet well-renown, I wish her success in the future.

8. Zoie Palmer

The human (not the cat)

Mad, mad crush: Lost Girl is sexy because of this gorgeous lady. A Canadian, too! Her smile, hair, lip-bite can freeze time. At least, my time. Beautiful, beautiful woman. I swoon…

9. S

Come this fall and it has been-what?- a year of knowing you? Can’t get over the fact that your gray-blue eyes are mesmerizing like the sea- I could drown in them anytime. The creases near your eyebrows, those dimples, your intellectualness. Yup, you’re just amazing.

Who are your girl crushes? Let me know!

– The Finicky Cynic


11 thoughts on “Girl Crushes… (40-D Challenge, Day 22)

  1. paula

    i love you Astrid Ovalles, i think your great, fuck what other people think or say. you are amazing, i have the biggest crush on you xx

  2. This was great read dear 🙂 Infact having a girl crush is so common 🙂 My girl crush are anna Hathaway 🙂 and priyanka chopra (alex parrish from quantico series)

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