Three Things I’m Thankful For- Part 4 (40-D Challenge, Day 33)


Man, it has been a long, exhausting day for me. I’m tired, but I still have things to do tonight: an English paper to finish, and some readings to catch up on.

Regardless, here are the three things that I’m thankful for for today. Take care- now onward to my paper!

1. My English class on 19th-century Romantic poetry (my field of specialization). Today in particular, we discussed The Grasmere Journal by Dorothy Wordsworth (sister to the famous William Wordsworth), and it was…quite an interesting discussion. To boil it down, topics included a bunch of melancholic musings, gorgeous English landscapes, and of course, implications of an incestuous relationship. 😛 Very juicy stuff- and I loved it. ❤

2. Afternoon club meeting: it’s strange, considering I usually don’t look forward to meetings after being wiped out from classes. But this particular organization that I’m a part of never ceases to brighten me up; we’re a small group, but I’ve became relatively close with the members, who almost always make me laugh with quips and their off-beat humor. Homies for life. 😉

3. Cooking dinner, which I rarely do, even though I live in the apartments now. Pretty damn proud of myself for whipping up something on the fly in thirty minutes. Cherry tomato and pesto spaghetti- not bad for an amateur. 😛


– The Finicky Cynic


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