Three Things I’m Thankful For- Part 5 (40-D Challenge, Day 34)

Happy Friday!

Whew, I just came home (for the weekend), and man oh man, I’m spent. Sooo tired… 😛

Here is the last installment for my “Three Things I’m Thankful For” series. I hope you all are enjoying your day (or night, depending on where you live).

‘Til next time, stay golden!

1. A whole afternoon dedicated to French, speaking French, and all things French. French, French, French: it’s my life. 

2. Dinner with the family; lots of carbs and conversation- my kind of night. 🙂

3. My soft, comfortable bed with all of my favorite stuffed animals (I’m still a kid at heart) to fall into and dream sweet dreams. Good night!

– The Finicky Cynic


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