How To: Win My Heart <3 (40-D Challenge, Day 35)

Happy weekend, everyone!

Inspired by Pip‘s post from a few days ago, titled Eight Ways To Win My Heart, I’ve decided to create a short list of ways to win my heart, whether it is for friendship, business, or love.

Without further ado, here they are. Potential suitors, take note! 😉

1. Bake me a pie. I’m especially partial to double/lattice-crusted, fruit pies *hint hint.

2. …in general, bake or cook for me anything delicious, and I’ll love you forever. ❤

3. Take me out for some good food, wine, and overall, a good time. Day or night, I’m down like a dolphin. 😛

4. Write poetry. Good poetry. I want to see what’s going on in your mind, and together, we can be unstoppable.

5. Know a foreign language or two. French is a huge plus. 🙂

6. Smile, laugh, make me laugh. Tell me a joke, then another. Pick-up lines are extraordinary inventions to woo. Especially me.

7. Have travel points, frequent flyer miles, some thing of those sorts. Take me around the world, spin me around with tastes of different sights and cultures. And if you can secure a reservation at Noma in Copenhagen, you just got yourself a future wife right here.

8. Just…be you. Honest. Talk to me. Have long conversations ’til the next morning when we’re so dead-tired but so damn happy at the same time. Cheesy as it sounds, be yourself. Only then will you be mine.

– The Finicky Cynic



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