Happy 40th!!! (40-D Challenge, Day 40)

Hello, folks!

And no, the title does not mean what you probably think it means. No, I’m not turning 40, and no, I won’t be turning 40 for a looooonggg time.

What I mean is that I have hit my fortieth day on the 40-Day Challenge! Whoohoo! 😀

That means that I have been blogging for forty days straight: I started on October 5, and since then have never looked back. Despite my college schedule, with classes and clubs, and despite the fact that at times, I was lost for inspiration, I freaking did it. I posted every day for forty days, sometimes even more than once per day.

According to the 40-Day Challenge (which can be found through the link here), the goal was to “tell stories that matter most to” me, as well as “identify the ‘real meaning’ of [my] work.” In other words, I pushed myself to put out the best-quality material on my blog, and I can say is, my efforts have paid off. Not only have I reached my goal of followers for the end of the year a month early, but I have also shaped and honed my writing skills- as a student, as a blogger.

Look, I’m a twenty-something-year-old full-time university student, and I can’t believe that, in only a matter of forty days, WordPress has become a huge, one can say essential, part of my life. I have made so many more connections in this short period than in my eleven months blogging here. The spike definitely spiked, y’all. 😛

I love the online connections that I’ve made with you; you are all lovely people, and I hope that you continue to enjoy what I put out in the future!

That being said, just because the forty days are up doesn’t mean that I’m gone. Not at all. In fact, I’m still in the midst of the NaBloPoMo challenge happening this month, which means that I will still be blogging every day. So look out for more posts from this blog!

Before I skadaddle, just to reiterate: I love you all. ❤ Continue to stay golden. ‘Til later! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


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