Things I Learned in College: Waking Up (Is Hard to Do)

Hello, there.

So, as you can guess by the title, I am here today to discuss the life of a *typical* college student, especially when it comes to sleep.

Ah, sleep…regardless of whether we’re college students or not, we all need at least a few solid hours of sleep every night. And sometimes, particularly for students, it can be a struggle.

I’ve also written about staying up and pulling all-nighters in one of my other posts, which you can check out here: Things I Learned in College: All-Nighters. But what I’m going to focus on today is the flip side to the spectrum: the part of waking up from a deep slumber.

Again, the struggle of getting up to the sound of the alarm clock each morning is not just a college student thing; it applies to people of all ages, really. Nevertheless, though, there’s so much internal drama when it comes to getting up and hauling yourself all the way to an 8 am class on a cold winter’s day.

Picture this: you’re in a perfect state of relaxation, eyes closed and dreaming about something absolutely phenomenal. You don’t want it to end, but yet, it does. The beeping of your cell phone alarm brings you back to life, back to the cold, dark, harsh reality of a weekday morning. You slam the snooze button, and try to return to the dream, but too late- it’s gone.

Eventually, you haul yourself out of bed, one leg, one arm at a time. Being careful not to stumble and fall from the gravity taking over your body, you make your way to the restroom to take a piss, perhaps a shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, all of the usual routine. You put in your eye contacts, wincing as they burn slightly from the red-eye. Bags under your eyes that could fill night after fitful night. A headache that you know will go away as you go through the day, but will return once you come back at night. Damn those blasted headaches! 😦

Breakfast, a change of clothes, final hair spruce, then you’re out the door to start off your day. Whether it be good or not. Leave it up to chance to know.

Really, though. Waking up…is really hard to do.

– The Finicky Cynic


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