Trigger Sign (Prose)

Hi, there!

It’s been a while since I have attempted prose writing but, having been inspired by the sequence of events which happened today, I’ve decided to bring it back! I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Trigger Sign


Rejection. My ally, my enemy. You drop by from time to time in my mind and overstay your stay for far too long. I want need have to kick you out, but still, you continue to trash the place with empty bottles and too many tears shed like leaves rolling down my face with the autumn wind.


You, with too many door slams in the face and “no, thank yous” whenever I try to talk to you. And why oh why do I continue to turn open the key and open my home to you? Into my life?


You tell me not to be so goddamn butt-hurt wallowing in self-pity misery. But don’t you know that you’re my misery? These lonely hours I’m cut open and bleed and it won’t seem to heal whenever you’re here.


Stop. And realize that you’re not me and that you are not my mind taking off far far away from your presence into the orange-red sky. For you are a matchstick setting fires a-blazing unfortunate nights like this, alone in the apartment and knocking down walls with sore-tired fists just to resist my inner demons.


I’m no longer that thirteen-year-old girl who gave herself up to you. That one night, abandoned and preying on your dejection. Hot-cold nights like these and I aim an arrow straight through your skin, singeing ties irrevocable but ever-lastingly happiness. You don’t own me and I burst from your depths to give life anew to my  self.

– The Finicky Cynic


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