Why Do I Blog?

Hello, there!

As you can see from the post’s title, this is a question that gets thrown around a lot on bloggers and their blogging sites all of the time:

Why do I blog? 

For me, I see this question as self-explanatory in itself, almost rhetorical, in a sense. And why I say that, you might ask?

Well, consider this: if you take the time and go to someone’s blog and take a look over his or her content, then you will see that the reason why they blog is because, simply, they like it.

Really, that is it. They blog, because they love to write, read each other’s works, be inspired, and write some more. It is a cycle that never ceases to instill productivity.

I’m a blogger, and I do the exact same thing. Writing has been my passion since I was in third grade, and I love to seek out and discover new blogs to follow on WordPress. There is so much quality content out there, and I want to see it all. An impossible goal, I know, but nevertheless motivates me to try to do so.

And really, ever since I started blogging every day in October, I’ve never really experienced writer’s block. Which is amazing. ‘Cause I know writer’s block really kills the mood, the joy of writing. I always have drafts lined up on my Dashboard, just waiting to be crafted and fleshed out into quality posts. Even this post that I’m writing right now was originally a draft!

Blogging is like therapy, except that it is free. It is an outlet. I’ve seen blogs from people who use them to chronicle their struggles with disorders, mental illness, and so forth. And I laud them for being so brave to dig deep, explore, and open themselves up to the readers.

I also like the *relative* anonymity associated with these kinds of social media platforms. While some bloggers are perfectly fine showing their faces and their every day life stories online, others don’t do so. Which, again, is completely reasonable. For me, I like to find a balance between the two. And in fact, I might make a post about WordPress anonymity soon.

I have already said a lot about bloggers and blogging and the blogging community (there’s never too much “blogging” to go around, especially on this website!) in attempts to answer the age-old question: why do I blog? My simple answer is this:

I blog, because I like to blog.

– The Finicky Cynic


8 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. I love this post! I feel that you took the words right out of my mouth because this is exactly why I like blogging, too. It has brought me so much happiness in these past few months. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. When I first started blogging I never had any drafts in my dashboard. I would just write posts. Now I have about 25 drafts on the go, most of them just have a title until I can think of what to say.

    1. I know! I have a couple of drafts already lined up. 😛 Sometimes, I think of amazing titles, but find myself having nothing much to say about them, which is lame. Haha, we think alike!

      1. Definitely! And we both like to re-schedule out posts so they post again haha. Sometimes I feel guilty, but then I just make the case to myself that some people are in different time zones and might’ve missed it when it originally went up lol

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