Annoying People…STFU!!!


So…it’s been a while since I’ve ranted. But recently, something happened that got me super riled, and that inspired me to make this entry. Just…so enlightening…

I was walking to class and I had to cross the street. A car was coming towards the crosswalk, and I, believing that the driver had seen me and given me the right of way, started crossing. I was halfway across when suddenly, the car just zoomed right on by! Without even slowing down! It nearly freaking ran me over! I was, like, “what the fuck?!”

THERE WAS A FREAKING STOP SIGN! As I saw the car pass by, I noticed and knew: college student. With your large-ass shades, iPhone, early-morning coffee fix, screw you. Didn’t-give-a-fuck attitude, that’s how it goes on this campus.

Whew, okay. That was my schpeel. The purpose of this entry, however, is to point out other annoying people in the world, everywhere, anywhere. ‘Cause no matter where you are, there will always be there.

So let’s get a move-on, shall we? I wouldn’t want to annoy you anymore by making you wait, you know. Bottoms up!

At the gym…

Skimpy outfits. Machine hoggers. Tons of raging testosterone. Just three out of the bazillion things that absolutely irritate me at the good ol’ gymnasium.

Let’s start with the outfits. Girls: never, and I say NEVER, wear see-through tank tops! You’ll be sweating (perhaps buckets, like I do), and of course, water will make things transparent. It won’t be long before the patrons can see your hot neon orange sports bra underneath (and to add: why the hell are you wearing a colorful sports bra?! Do you really think we would give a damn?). Another thing: tight-ass shorts. Now while some stand religiously by the Spandex shorts, there is no reason for you to wear ’em so short that they ride up your ass crack. I’d assume it would be painful as hell, too.

For the guys, two things: 1) shorn muscle tees and 2) wife beaters. I don’t quite understand why some of y’all need all of that extra space for your arms. Granted, muscle tees are greatly liberating, offering a free range of motion to get ripped, yoked, whatever you call it. But if the clothing is ripped so much that I can literally see your flank, your nipples, and basically your whole inside, that’s TMI! You might as well just go shirtless. As for wife beaters, I guess you can’t go wrong for wanting to flaunt muscle definition. But if you don’t have, erm, muscle definition, it just comes off as gross. In that situation, modesty is the way to go.

Machine-hoggers: GTFO! Seriously, I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes for you to finish your gazillion sets (sets! Not reps!). I’ve even went to do other machines in order to pass the time. Sometimes, you’re on the machine, but you ain’t doing shit! Just checking your phone, listening to music, or just staring ahead like a dumb-ass. Be considerate, man.

Finally: this applies mostly to the males, but dudes, can you not scream every time you dead-lift? I can hear you from across the room! It’s understandable that it’s a lot of weights, but do you really need to scream that loud? Even I don’t vocalize that much when I lift something that heavy. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but even then, tone it down! Or else I’d assume there was a murder happening there.

In queue…

This applies to almost everywhere: at Starbucks, at the DMV, anywhere where there is a line. Remember how in elementary school teachers told y’all not to cut in front? Well, we’re adults now, and you’re still cutting! Do you know how annoying it is when I, having had to wait (sometimes for hours!) for my turn, have some motherfucker just by-pass me at the front? It really wastes my time and effort, and for that, you don’t get no damn cookie!

Slow people: when I’m at, say, a buffet and there’s this one item I want to get, the person several places in front not only takes it, but also takes FOREVER to get it. Sometimes he or she will pick up the tongs and take three, four, TEN servings, leaving almost none for me once I reach it. Other moments he or she will be picky, taking only the “best” piece of fruit, fish, vegetable, whatever. That’s just ridiculous. Another thing is when I’m waiting to pay at the cash register for groceries or books or something and the individual in front fumbles for his/her wallet. For CASH. Then it’s on to pulling out the dollars, picking out the coins for the exact change, and overall wasting everyone’s precious time. Useful tip: if you will be paying in cash, have it all ready by the time it’s your turn!

Finally, the indecisives: JUST ORDER YOUR DAMN COFFEE ALREADY! I’ve been waiting for 5 minutes and in that time passed, you’re still stuck between the pumpkin spiced latte or the matcha green tea blend (just making these items up, fyi). What better way to hold up the line! I’ve settled on my order eons ago, and really, choosing an average-testing cup of joe is not going to ruin your day, let alone your life. SO JUST DECIDE ALREADY!!!

On the road…

I’ve already discussed this in my other post I Hate Drivers!!! but again, there’s so many things that annoy the crap out of me when I’m driving. Noisy motorcyclists. People who text and don’t realize that the light had turned green. Those who don’t use their turn signals (and I end up nearly colliding with them). A lot can go wrong on the road, and because of these said individuals, we’re not making it any safer.

In class… 

At one point in my life, I went to high school. It wasn’t the most perfect four years, but it didn’t suck either. But what got me was during class the amount of under-the-desk texting that went on. It was almost like it was a conspiracy, the way the students would try to hide the fact that they were texting. Some even hide the act behind a book when they were in front of the teacher! Interestingly, it’s more open in college: since we’re giving more liberty on our education, professors don’t care (or even notice) when you blatantly whip out your cell in the middle of lecture and start clacking to your parents, siblings, friends who are also in class. They don’t give a shit, and if you weren’t paying attention, too bad. You’re screwed for the final.

Another thing common in both high school and college is talking in class. I think it’s worse in high school, though. I mean, c’mon, we’re all young, immature douchebags who think we’re the shit, right? So if you’re talking with your friend or flirting with some girl/guy and the teacher calls you out, you have no respect for authority anyway. So you continue talking, expelling carbon dioxide and polluting the environment with your senseless drivel. College is a bit better; even if you talk, the lecture hall’s so large that most of us can’t hear you, unless we were sitting close by. And most of the time, it’s short. Probably just a question to clarify things said in lecture.

But…and this is a huge but, college students have it bad with laptops in class. I don’t know if the system has changed, but I wasn’t allowed to take notes on my computer in high school. I still don’t in college, but the ubiquity of laptop-toting students is HUGE! It’s a versatile item to have: it has your schedule, your planner, your notes, everything. But it also has Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, and a butt-load of distractions. It’s no problem if you check your social media for a few seconds, but if that’s what you’re doing for the entire hour of class, then why did you bother showing up at all? You’re wasting space and your time.


This part applies specifically to social media websites. Let’s start with the comments: trolls, FUCK YOU! You have no reason to spam or compose nonconstructive criticism for people. Honestly, what will you get out of it? A bit of fame for being an asshole? That’s stupid. Saying things like “you’re ugly” or “you can’t sing. Kill yourself” won’t get you a bunch of friends, my friend. Plus, they might end up getting deleted anyway.

Next, profile pics/avatars: For FB, Twitter, Instagram users, just…don’t be a slut (or douche, if you’re a guy). “Likes” mean nothing but empty calories to feed your self-esteem. It’s the junk food that you consume and want more and more of. You’re never satisfied. Same goes with the compliments (“Omg, you’re so pretty!” or “Damn, son. Looking mighty fine as hell.”). I mean, c’mon, everyone says that! So how is that comment any more special than others?

All right, that’s enough from me. There’s definitely more annoying types of people out there for different situations, but for obvious reasons I had to limit myself to a selected few. Again, I hope that I didn’t annoy you with this post, but even if I did, screw you! 😛

-The Finicky Cynic


7 thoughts on “Annoying People…STFU!!!

  1. I love this post because I just had to come up with a few pet peeves for the blog challenge I’m currently working on. The first two I named were about one hundred aspects of driving and the second one had to do with social media. You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for sharing; this gave me a laugh.

  2. Don’t get me started on annoying people at the gym…eg ladies who talk loudly on their phones while walking on the treadmill. Or people who squeal and clap enthusiastically in body attack classes. Or that one guy who’s always on my favourite exercise bike in the corner by the fan. Or people who hog the one and only foam roller…Oh boy.

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