I Did It!!!

Hi, guys!

November is coming to an end, and soon enough, it will be December. The holiday season is well on its way, and I’m so excited! 😀

That being said, I had made myself a promise back in the beginning of the month to participate in the NaBloPoMo challenge (which can be found here). The goal was to blog every day, putting on the very best content that I could.

And here I am, at the end of the challenge. I am proud to say that I have put out posts every single day for the past 30 days, whether rain or shine, or when I was super busy with school and clubs and all. I found the time to make it all happen on WordPress, and you know what? I loved it. ❤

Really, writing has been my passion at a young age, so blogging was just another platform to express my thoughts and opinions. From incendiary rants to pensive musings to random blurbs about my daily life as a twenty-something college student, I did it all.

I did it.

I want to thank you all who have joined me on this wild journey through the month of November; only time will tell whether December will be just as crazy as well.

And with that, enjoy the last of today and live for the start of tomorrow. Happy blogging! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


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