Poetry Wednesday!

Hi, there!

As you can assume from the title of this post, I have *officially* decided that Wednesdays on my WordPress blog will have…POETRY! 😀

Although you might have noticed that I have been posting poems on my blog almost every Wednesday since…October, I believe(?), I have never made it an official thing…until now.

That means, from now on, I will have, what I call, “Poetry Wednesday,” a day when I will put out original content that I have been working on. As you can *probably* tell, poetry has been a hobby/passion of mine since I was a teenager, and I am actually specializing in it currently in college (it’s a concentration under the English major, which I’m in, and it’s really great). I have this big dream of compiling and publishing my works one day; alas, a girl can dream…

But back to what I was talking about: besides poetry, I’m going to fudge it a bit and say that I will also include some prose. Granted, I consider myself more of a poet than a prose writer, but prose is a genre that I’m interested in exploring, and so Poetry Wednesday will also be dedicated to that.

I will be including in each of my poetry posts the tag #poetry wednesday, just so it makes it easier for me to categorize my poems and also for you to follow them better.

That’s it for announcements, I suppose. From now on, I dub thee “Poetry Wednesday!” 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


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