Christmas Tag!

It’s that time of year, folks…and you know what that means?

Yes, I thought so: it’s Blogmas time!

Inspired by Marija’s post, I’ve decided to do the Christmas tag to get into the holiday spirit. The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year, so why not celebrate it with a blog post about it? I encourage you all to do it as well. Happy Blogmas, everyone! 🙂

❄ Favorite Festive Food ❄

Rum cake. Hands down. There’s something about the taste of rum (the warmth? The buzz?) that makes it a notch up from other holiday desserts. Love the taste, love the texture, love how versatile it is. ❤

❄ Favorite Reindeer ❄

Chopper, from One Piece. Not one of the eight “original” reindeers, I know, but he kicks ass as a pirate/shape-shifter doctor. Sorry, not sorry. 😛

❄ Favorite Day from 12 Days of Christmas ❄

Man, can’t remember all of them off the top of my head…Erm, three French hens? Considering the fact that they are French?

❄ Favorite Christmas Song ❄

While not a classic (yet!), Coldplay’s “Christmas Lights” holds a dear place in my heart, even after these past four years. It’s bittersweet, but at the same time hopeful. Plus, the music video’s absolutely gorgeous; check it out here: 

❄ Favorite Christmas Present ❄

I usually get a crap-load of clothes for Christmas, and so I have a ton. Hmm…I guess my favorite clothing item would have to be my penguin sweater from my cousin last year. I love penguins, so the gift was perfect!

❄ Favorite Christmas film ❄

Although it’s not Christmas-centered, per say, Last Holiday does take place in the winter. In the snow. Also a good travel film, which I’ve already mention in a previous post: Wanderlust Tag!

❄ Favorite Christmas Cracker Jokes and Toys ❄

I’m not quite sure what these mean, but I guess, traditionally speaking, those toy trains that go around the Christmas tree are pretty cool. Nutcrackers as well.

❄ Favorite Christmas Decorations ❄

Where I live, there are these people who, after Thanksgiving, would put up these massive lightings of stars and crosses, displayed on the hill for the entire city to see. I always look forward to seeing them whenever I come home for the holidays. 🙂 Otherwise, simple rooftop lighting is quite beautiful.

❄ Favorite Candle scent ❄

I don’t use scented candles, but I’ve smelled some pretty darn good ones before. Pumpkin spice smells cozy. Vanilla smells warm and sensual. Gingerbread smells yummy.

❄ Favorite Christmas Advertisement ❄

Haha, ah, Christmas ads…always on after Thanksgiving…I don’t like them, but they do give me a good laugh from their corniness. Chia pets, the Clapper, the Ove Glove, good times… 😛

❄ Favorite Christmas Tradition & Place to Spend Christmas ❄

I wouldn’t say that my family has a distinctive Christmas tradition, except just staying home all day, opening presents in the morning, and all. But home is a nice place to spend the time, so I ain’t complainin’.

❄ Favorite Christmas fact ❄

That Google has this thing called the “Google Santa Tracker,” which you can “track” where Santa Claus is heading to “deliver presents.” It’s really cute. 🙂

❄ Favorite Christmas Snowman Accessory ❄

The scarf. Gives him class. 😉

That’s about it! Happy holidays, everyone!

– The Finicky Cynic


4 thoughts on “Christmas Tag!

  1. Love the song Christmas lights! Never even thought of it. But I loved the post! :3 And I have a question, how did you manage to put the snow flakes to fall on your blog theme? It’s wonderful.

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