My One-Year Anniversary!

…and no. I’m not talking about my love life. 😛

I kid. What I’m talking about is my one-year anniversary on WordPress! I can’t believe it’s only been a year! I feel like an old soul on this blogging site. 😉

Ever since I started my blog last year (December 29th, to be exact: see my first post here), it’s been a wild ride. Truthfully speaking, I didn’t post much during my first five months- at most, monthly. I started blogging every day for the second half of June, only to be disrupted by my trip to France (not a bad thing, but…still, I didn’t blog every day). And even when I returned, I only resorted to weekly posts.

The turning point came when I started school in October. I came across a handful of “blogging every day” challenges and that was when I decided that…I could do this. That I could blog every day, and put out the best content that WordPress- the Internet– had to offer. And I am glad to say that I never faltered, never missed a day since October. And although my routine has been disrupted again (traveling really throws everything out of wack- in a good way!), I am happy that I had made it through this crazy year on WordPress.

I also thank all of you who follow me and my random rants/musings/poetry/fill-in-the-blank here. I promise you that, once I return, I will continue to put out quality work for all of you to enjoy.

Enjoy the last bits of 2014! See you all on the other side! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


5 thoughts on “My One-Year Anniversary!

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