Back to School!

Hello! 🙂

Ah, a new year, a new school term…Tomorrow, I will be returning to school and starting classes once again- as I have been doing for most of my life thus far. 😛

Again, like the Fall, this term is roughly about the same schedule. Aka not too packed or rushed (except possibly my Tuesdays, blehh). Still have my clubs, as well as research and my publishing-editing stint for the school’s Humanities journal. And personal commitments to friends, acquaintances, and family. And taking care of some end-of-the-year business, since I will be graduating this year (whaaat?!). So even though my class schedule appears chill, other activities continue to occupy the rest of my time.

Looking at all of this in perspective (in other words, before they actually happen), it appears that things will remain relatively the same. But then again, I can’t predict what will happen, and so I’ll just have to go with whatever comes about throughout these next few months. I will continue to blog regularly (I hesitate to say “daily,” because who knows what will happen? But still, I will make the effort to do so), and so stay tuned this month for what’s in store- as well as this whole year! 🙂

Thanks for making my 2014 blogging year awesome, everyone. Let’s make it even more wonderful in 2015!

Take care!

– The Finicky Cynic


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