Films that Have Changed My Life

…or at least, have touched me in some sort of way. From my childhood until now, these are the ones which continue to resonate in me. 🙂

What are your favorite films? Let me know!

1. Ratatouille– Hands down my favorite film ever. Ever. I’ve referred to this movie several times in my other posts, but I can’t reiterate enough just how much I love it. It has the perfect blend of everything that I love: good food, humor, France. C’est magnifique. 🙂

2. Castle in the Sky– This started it all; that is, my love for Hayao Miyazaki films. “Castle in the Sky” is a beautifully-illustrated anime about two children who not only journey to Laputa–the eponymous “castle in the sky,” but also learn a lot about themselves and the power that they hold to control their surroundings. Sounds cliché, I know, but it’s far from cliché’d. Go watch it; seriously, it will change your life.

3. Last Holiday– I love comedies, and this one is no exception. Queen Latifah is hilarious, making an otherwise terminal illness seem not so sad and depressing when her character blows all of her money for the high life in Europe, taking risks and pursuing her dream as the clock ticks towards her death. It’s a feel-good movie for the sentimentals at heart. ❤

4. The Help– I watched the movie before I’d read the book, but in any case, both are good. Funny and poignant, “The Help” addresses the issue of race and tolerance in 1960’s America, around the time of the Civil Rights movement. The cast is fantastic, and the punchlines and tender moments absolutely giving me the feels. One of the few films that I’ve actually teared up at. :’)

5. Loving Annabelle– One of the first few LGBTQA films that I have watched. Granted, it isn’t perfect, but it’s raw, with plenty of longing gazes and hot, passionate scenes between two lovers. It’s a drama that focuses on the teacher-student dynamics in an otherwise intolerant setting- private Catholic school. The chemistry between Simone and Annabelle is just incredible; you will have to watch to see what I mean!

6. Inception– I wouldn’t say that “Inception” changed my life, but it certainly was one of the few sci-fi/action films that truly entertained me. For one, it was clever, mind-tripping you with its layers and layers of dream settings. Christopher Nolan definitely made the idea of dreaming classy and sexy. And that was one of the first times when I fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who plays Arthur in the film). He has my heart. 😉

7. Les émotifs anonymes– It was the very first French film that made me not only fall in love with French (again!), but it also inspired me to continue pursuing the language. A tale about two people who attend an anonymous meeting for their social awkwardness, the story follows their initial encounter to their eventual romance. Even if you don’t know French, it doesn’t matter (you can put on the subtitles, anyway); the message is universal. Really, it’s an adorable, pretty little film. 🙂

8. Her– I watched this film while I was on an airplane to France. Had time to kill, and I heard good things about “Her,” so why not? Little did I know that I would actually enjoy it. Set in a near future when technology has really taken over people’s lives, it follows the adorably sweet and melancholic Theodore (an adorable Joaquin Phoenix) and his relationship to Samantha, a computer program. Weird as it sounds, the film touches on a lot of issues about computers and human interaction today, and for me the film’s story seems like it could actually happen to us really soon…

9. Bright Star– I love John Keats’ poetry, and so this biographical film about his romance with Fanny Brawne gave me the extreme feels. Ben Whishaw is amazing as the tortured poet, and his readings of Keats’s works are absolutely beautiful; I could listen to his voice all day. The cinematography is stunning, filled with images of meadows and nature and Romantic-period England estates. And you can’t deny the chemistry between the lovers. 🙂

10. I Can’t Think Straight– another LGBTQA film. Truth be told, I wasn’t immediately hooked on it when I first watched it; I found it to be kind of…corny. The acting, the jokes, stuff like that. However, after viewing it again and a third time, I’ve come to appreciate ICTS better. Granted, it’s still corny with its running gags and distinctive binary between good and bad characters (instead of complex character development), but the passionate exchange between Tala and Leila makes all of that stuff irrelevant. And yes, the men in the film are HOT. 😉

…and an honorary mention!

*11. Les Intouchables– A heart-warming French film about two very different individuals (a middle-aged, aristocratic paralyzed man and his caretaker of Senegal origin) and their bond together. Filled with plenty of humor and profound questions about race and social class, this film is a must-see. It will definitely change your outlook on life.

That’s it for me! Peace out! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


4 thoughts on “Films that Have Changed My Life

  1. my20somethingsadventures

    Fun post! I’ve only seen 5 of these on your list. If you’re interested in more LGBTQ films…because I know it’s slim pickings :(…but 2 that you might be interested in are Imagine Me and You, and Elena Undone. I love both of those very much.

    1. I’ve seen “Imagine Me & You” before; such a cute film. 🙂 And I have heard of “Elena Undone,” but I haven’t seen it; I will make sure to do so!

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