Things I Learned in College: Weekends


Welcome to another installment of “Things I Learned in College.” Sit down, and tune in! 🙂

Ah, weekends… a time to kick back and relax after a crazy, stressful week from school. Or: a crazy, stressful time to catch up on homework and readings that you had put off from the weekday. 😛

Either way, the weekend is a time when you’re uninhibited by the class schedule, the bell that tolls at the hour, signalling you to rush to your next course. Corny as it sounds, the weekend is about being in the now.

That being said, my experiences with weekends in college has been quite different, but not anything totally unique. At least, compared to some of my peers; my school is huge, one of the largest in America, and so it welcomes a diversity of students- in-state, out-of-state, and even international. Some of these students live close to or far from home, and so depending on where one’s hometown is, going home can be easy or difficult.

What exactly do I mean by this? Basically, I am trying to say that some students either do not have the option of/choosing not to go home on the weekends, while others, who live close by, can and/or choose to do so.

I classify myself as the latter; I have the fortune of going to a school that is half an hour from home. Throughout my four years, I would go home almost every weekend, and have the pleasure of seeing my parents, my sister, and my comfy bed again. 😉

Now, there are some possible questions that you might ask me:

1) Why do you choose to go home almost every weekend? It’s not like I detest dorm/apartment life on campus- in fact, I enjoy it: the proximity to school, the independence, and the opportunities to hang out with friends on a regular basis. But I choose to go home most of the time, because of two, big reasons: 1) my comfy bed, in which I sleep sweet dreams (my bed at the apartments, I have to admit, is not as comfortable. Bearable, but unfamiliar), and 2) laundry: I have to pay for laundry at the apartments, but at home it’s free! Yeah, I’m a free-loader like that…pun intended. 😛

2) If you live so close to home, why don’t you commute? I am mainly concerned about the cost of gas…and the stress. I live in a big city, and so traffic really kills the mood. Lots of pent-up anger and impatience building up during the one, even two-hour ride back home. Really, it’s horrible. True, it would save money on paying for the dorms and apartments (which don’t come cheap in the urban city), but I would rather sacrifice a few extra bucks than my sanity. Voilà.

In truth, I have stayed over several times at the apartments over the weekend. Usually, I would stay, because there is something going on- like, an event for my clubs and organizations, or something that I am interested in attending. Usually, it would be for just one of the two weekend days (Saturday or Sunday), and so afterwards, I would be bored. I’ve almost always stayed over during Finals Week as well, in order to buckle down and study hard sans distraction.

Yes, there are things to do outside of campus- after all, my school is not only a college town, but also a huge commercial hub for business and medical affairs. So the place is always buzzing with activity. It’s just that I don’t seek them very often, in the sense that they don’t really interest me or that they are a bit too far to be easily accessed.

Things that I have done while over at school during the weekend: 5K races, French Immersion Day, hanging out with friends, pasta night with my running club, dinner out with club members, my school’s sport teams’ competitions, and so forth. I can’t lie; they were enjoyable.

In a way, though, I’m still attached to my home. My real home, thirty minutes away from school. Having been raised there for most of my life so far, I am accustomed to the touch, the smells, the space of my house. The day-to-day habits that I, as well as my family, do together. I still feel like a child, although I’m legally well past that age. I wonder if I can ever feel just as at home as I do now when I finish school, and move out of the house. Ah, the uncertainty…

Anyway, my experiences with weekends in college have been pretty mixed: some good, and some just boring. Overall, it’s been real. ‘Til later,

– The Finicky Cynic


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