Let’s Talk About Sex…

Hi, all.

As you can see from the title, I have decided today to talk about something pretty… racy. But let me just preface this by saying that this will not be a post on my own personal sex life; rather, I want to talk about sex from a general perspective- its relation to media, relationships, and whatnot.

So without further ado, carry on…

Sex, sex, sex. It’s the number “6” in Latin, you know.

So why are we obsessed with it?! Making love, intercourse, getting it on, fucking, the list goes on…

I blame media for selling the idea. Not exactly the act of sex, per say, but the idea of being sexy. Sexiness, in other words. Besides having the terminologies being really similar, the word “sexy” closely correlates with “sex;” people amplify, or otherwise “hype up” their attractive appeal, in hopes of “scoring” a sexual relationship (or at least a one-night stand). To put it in simpler terms, the media (whether it’s television, magazines, or the Internet) is responsible for displaying these images of sexy people or objects, and through that subconsciously creates an ideal to “do” sexiness and ascertain sex.

Seriously, why are we so into it? From a technical, biological sense, sexual intercourse is just having two individuals/animals procreate- in order to have children. Or, from an endocrinological perspective: to experience the rush of endorphins from the act, the pleasure which one gets stimulated from it.

Okay, I can see why people might love getting down and dirty from the second reason. But we blow it out of proportion; I mean, yeah, it probably feels good, but there are other things that we can do to feel pleasure, i.e. bungee-jumping, eating a delicious tuxedo cake, talking to someone who you love. None of that gets hyped up in the media, and those examples are just as universal as sex. Am I right?

People say that they love sex, because of the intimacy, the connection that they get from being so close to someone. They see things never seen on each other’s bodies: that faint crease near their eyes when they moan, those fine fine hairs curling slightly below the ears, the unexpected freckle on their lower back. I admit, that’s a beautiful idea, of observing and discovering more about your partner. That is perfectly legitimate.

But just doing it for selfish reasons (meaning, for your own pleasure) is a huge turn-off. Douchy, you might say. Because sex requires two bodies to reciprocate, and so if you only want pleasure, but doesn’t want to give pleasure, you can just go masturbate. It saves a lot of time and heartbreak. Literally, you can go fuck yourself.

I once had a professor who would go on and on about sex in class. To backtrack: we were learning about success- personal and financial- in the context of 19th century French literature, and how the characters in the novels that we read went about achieving their goals. Basically, what I got from the entire class was that sex=success. Nothing else. For three hours every week, my professor would ramble about how sex was an instrument for power, and that the characters, with their beautiful faces and charming manner, exploited it for their own personal gain. Now that’s fine and dandy, but man, he laid it on thick: he would talk about nothing but sex, and it seemed to me that he found pleasure in talking about it. Maybe it’s because I believe that there are more things that contribute to success besides sex, but he gave no mention of those other aspects. It frustrated me when I wanted to talk about something else that related to success, but then he would shoot it down. You can tell that he wasn’t my favorite professor; it was funny, because a few of my other classmates (who didn’t like him as well) were speculating that he was “sexually frustrated” and needed an outlet to express his, erm, “feelings” about it.

I’m digressing a bit. Basically, I’m not saying that I am disgusted by sex, the activity; I am disgusted by the fact that it is brought up all of the time, without it being necessary. Sex is a tired, overused concept that needs to bury its inflated head in the grave. There are other important issues to bring up in this world, like violence, race relations, technology, etc. And sex is distracting us from those conversations.

If you want to talk about sex, keep it tact. Don’t be crude.

That’s all for me. Later.

– The Finicky Cynic


11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex…

  1. my20somethingsadventures

    Ahaha you’re too funny! “literally, go fuck yourself!” lol couldn’t agree more with that statement! great post!

  2. Great post – thought provoking and humorous! I don’t know why we are so into sex? I guess sex sells! It’s quite literally EVERYWHERE – On our TV screens, music videos, advertising… and I can’t help but feel very scared for my daughter growing up in such a sex-dominant world. You’re right, there are more important things out there!

    Ironically, as I type this …a Durex advert comes on! I rest my case.

  3. I don’t agree with all of your opinions but I did enjoy reading your article. Maybe the distraction created from sex is what makes it so truely wonderful? I’d much rather spend an hour between the sheets than catching up on horrific news on the media. Life is way too serious, way too often.

    1. Yes, sex can be a good way of escaping from the reality, especially if it’s bad. The point that I was trying to make in my post is that often times, discussion of sex is just too much. To the point that it is irrelevant and unnecessary. So while it might distract us from talking about serious issues in the world, it also distracts us from talking about other “light-hearted” topics like food, favorite books/films, etc.

  4. This was such a funny and I want to say great post. I have never had a sexual experience in my life, but even so, I can completely agree that people put way too much emphasis on the importance of sex, or at least the importance to constantly bringing it up. Yes, yes, yes.
    You amaze me with each post.

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