I Hate Pimples!!!

Really, people. Pimples are the bane of every pre-teen, teen, and young adult existence.

Like, seriously: I am in my early twenties and I still get red, angry pimples. They flare up, they stay for days, and they even pulse. Yes, pulse. They pulse with anger.

And I am angry, too. For these blasted red marks that decide to pop in out of the blue on a random day and make my life a living hell.

Okay, okay, so I exaggerate. But I still do find pimples extremely annoying. And they aren’t exactly the most helpful assets for your self-esteem. Or self-confidence.

I detest all areas where pimples and/or acne appear on, but the worst place for them to show up on is the face, particularly the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, above the lip, anywhere. The worst of the worst is having them between the eyes; they make you look like you have a third eye or something. 😛

And they’re disgusting. When you desire to pop them and attempt to, they either 1) don’t pop or 2) they do and nasty shit comes out- blood, oil, pus, you name it. It’s a relief when they do, but then you have to clean up the mess. Ew…

You also get scars. Little crevices of pockmarks and/or just a constantly red complexion from the inflammation. Not exactly attractive.

I have to admit, though, I shouldn’t be complaining this much. My pimple/acne problems have actually gotten better- much better- over the years, as I grew up. It used to be really bad when I was in my teens: I had even been to the dermatologist several times in order to get my pimples checked up and prescribed for medication. Basically, creams and stuff to apply to the face and all. In addition to that, I mustered up my willpower to quit picking at my face (a horribly-addicting habit, I must say), and so that synergistic effect helped my face clear up. A lot.

Now, my face has been relatively pimple-free, with the exception of occasional, angry zits from time to time (still pissed at them!). I don’t want this post to turn into one of those Neutrogena-acne commercials, with the before-and-after photos of “patients” who’ve tried them. In any case, I just wanted to express my angsty, ex-teenager self. There are worse things out there, like famine, poverty, violence, and so I shouldn’t be complainin’.

But really, folks. First world problems.

– The Finicky Cynic


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