New Years’ Resolutions: Update

Hello, all!

With the last day of January upon us, I thought that I would go back and revisit the New Year’s Resolutions that I made back in the beginning of the month, and see whether I had actually stuck to them…or not.

Let’s bring on the damage! >:D

1. Cut down on carbs. Admittedly, I did not. At all. With the start of a new school term that just threw me a curveball during the first week of classes, I didn’t have time to count carbs or anything. Even now, weeks after the term began and settled into the school routine, I’m still not making an effort to cut down. My God, I love pasta/bread/rice too much…I swear, they’ll be the death of me. 😛

2. Sit less, move more. Agh, I didn’t do this, either! Still on my butt, in front of the computer screen, for hours on end- I’m not doing wonders for my butt. 😦 Seriously, the Internet is a big and dangerous place…for my health. *sigh

3. Shut up, hold my tongue from saying acerbic, critical things. I’m not proud to say that I’ve let some not-so-good comments slip out from my tongue this month (especially last week, which I had discussed in a previous post). But at the same time, I’ve manage to control myself more than before; I’ve kept opinions to myself several times, even though they were on the verge of bursting. But that restraint made me feel better afterwards: no hurt feelings to them or to me. 🙂

4. Open up, smile more, look more approachable. I guess I kind of opened up to people, but it’s mainly to those who I already know. What do I mean? Well, some classmates who were in my classes last term are now in the same classes with me this term. We hadn’t been super close before, but now I make an effort to talk and learn a bit more about them. I’ll keep trying to work on my smiling habits and approachable demeanor, though. 😛

5. Devote some time every day to French. *sigh. Unfortunately, I have not dedicated every day to French. I’ve missed several days of watching/listening to French on Youtube, as well as my Skype appointment with my French friend. I’ve just been too preoccupied with other, non-French things. But the times when I did devote my time to French, it was rewarding, so I can’t say that I’m not trying.

6. Write more poetry. Yup! Well, since I am taking another poetry class this term, I am required to write one once a week. But I’ve gone above and beyond just one; during the week, I would work on two, even three, poems simultaneously! And I even attended a poetry reading so far, just last week. It was an amazing experience, in part by the amazing poet-speakers featured there. It was lovely. ❤

7. Save, save, save. While I have gone out a few times and spent some money so far, it hasn’t been excessive. I know, I know: money is money, and once spent it can’t be taken back. But I’m not spending all of the time; I think I’ve only went out and spend money two, three times so far. I’m still working on saving even more, though, and I’m making the effort!

8. Take care of my body more. Aside from being a couch potato in front of the computer screen, I’ve continued to exercise, eat *relatively* healthy, and stuff like that. It’s fine.

9. Blog *relatively* every day. And still going strong! 🙂

10. Be happy. I have been, for the most part. Cheesy as it sounds, I’m finding inspiration almost every day, through observations on campus and outside, from people around me and who I love, and your stories. Yes, yours. On WordPress. I’m learning something new every time I log into WordPress and read your posts. With that, I thank you.

Even though I haven’t been following all of my resolutions that I had set myself up to do this year (let alone January), it’s not over! I still have eleven more months to change myself up to be a better person. I’m not giving up.

With that, I wish you all a lovely end of the month. Here’s to February! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


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