Fictional Crushes…


Now, I’ve written a couple (okay, maybe more) posts on crushes. All kinds of crushes: girl crushes, celebrity crushes…But what I haven’t done yet are fictional character crushes (meaning, those from television, films, whatnot. Basically, characters who don’t exist in real-life, but you want them to be).

*be warned: serious fan-girl moments everywhere. And I mean everywhere. 😛

Who are you fictional character crushes? Let me know!

1. Lauren Lewis (Lost Girl). So intelligent, so hot…Zoie Palmer (the actress who plays her) makes being doctor so so sexy~ Her hair, her clothing, her smile- always on-point. *swoons~

2. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece). Hands down, my perfect fictional crush since 2006. The ultimate bad-ass, bad boy, directionless swordsman. You’re welcome. *bows

3. Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). Granted, he’s awkward and has many unfortunate relationships with the ladies, but deep down, he’s a sweet guy who just wants to find his soul mate. Meanwhile kicking ass against ex-boyfriends. BAM! 😀

4. Theodore Twombly (Her). Who can’t help but be smitten by his shy adorableness? His geeky glasses and mustache are just so cute (normally, I don’t do mustaches, but on Joaquin Phoenix, it works!). And his introverted, love-torn character just makes me want to cuddle him. Eeeee!!! 😀

5. Simone Bradley (Loving Annabelle). If all high school teachers looked like her, then I wouldn’t mind going to class every day…Especially poetry class. Oh man, I could listen to her read Walt Whitman anyway. Her clothes are impeccable, her frown and smile lines deep and pensive. Gorgeous…

6. Tom Hansen (500 Days of Summer). Like Theodore Twombly, Tom Hansen is a romantic, love-torn soul who just wants to find “the one.” And c’mon; it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt we’re talking here. Summer didn’t work out for him- how about me? 😉

7. Leyla and Tala (I Can’t Think Straight). Man, oh, man. I had the hardest time choosing between these two, but it’s almost impossible to separate them from each other. There’s such good chemistry between them; if I could find someone who was a blend of the two, I would die and go to heaven. Love you, girls. ❤

8. Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6). Another anime/computer-animated character. But he’s so gorgeous. Geeky smart, an eclectic, but on-point taste in college fashion, hapa…what more do you want? RIP, my love. 😦

9. Ann Perkins (Parks and Recreation). So sad that Rashida Jones (who plays her) left after the season; she was so good as Leslie’s bestie! And not bad to look at. 😉

10. John Keats (Bright Star). Okay, so John Keats was a real-life person. But I’m talking about the John Keats in the film Bright Star, played by the dark and dashingly melancholic Ben Whishaw. His chemistry with Abby Cornish (who played Fanny Brawne) was just heart-breakingly beautiful. Tragically so. I could listen to his voice reading poetry all day, every day.

– The Finicky Cynic


6 thoughts on “Fictional Crushes…

  1. My fictitious crush is Erica Strange from “Being Erica;” she went through (and had to go through again) a lot of difficulty and emotions in order to become a better person, which is something a lot of people can empathize with. The actress who played her, Erin Karpluk, did such a wonderful job bringing real emotion to the role, too.

  2. Omg I love Tom Hansen!!! Oh and I have to agree with Allison’s comment above… I love Erica too! 🙂
    I also really love Alaska from Looking for Alaska by John Green.

    1. Haha, yes! Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who plays Tom Hansen) is such a cutie. I’ve never seen “Being Erica” nor read “Looking for Alaska,” but perhaps I will check them out!

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