Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I think I’m sick again, the second time this year! Not to say that I don’t blame my roommate for getting me sick, but I DO.

Ugh, getting the cold sucks. It’s annoying, because half the time you can’t swallow because your throat is closed up from the infection and the other half you can barely breathe since one (or both) of the nostrils are failing on you.

So you resort to “breathing” from your mouth, which is kind of gross, because then you’re spreading more of the germs out into the public. But then again, I’m sick while others are not, so why should I care if I infect others? Share the misery, people!

I still try to lead a “normal” life (that is, follow my daily routine as usual) when I’m under the weather. But having these blasted symptoms makes it harder to get through them. Take going to class, for instance: my school is fairly large, and so I walk around everywhere in order to get to class. Not being able to breathe because my nose is clogged up just drains me; by the time I make it to my English class (which is all the way across campus from the starting point), I’m nearly dead. Attending clubs back to back, as well as going back to the apartments, showering, cooking, and eating dinner- I am so dead after all of that. Even when I not sick it sucks!

After I had gotten sick and recovered back in October (which was horrible; I do not want to relive those three weeks), I vowed that I would not get sick again at all this school year. During the past two years at the university, I would get sick at the beginning of the school year, but later would be completely healthy (exception was first year, but that was first year…). Looks like things have changed this year, my final year, for heaven’s sake.

Again, I blame my roommate and her poor sleeping/stress habits on my sickness. I just hope to God that mine won’t worsen; right now, it’s just a stuffed-up nostril and a lot of sniffling. No sore-ass throat and coughing and all. And I hope that it will stay that way, making a swift recovery by the end of this upcoming week, at latest.

Until then, screw the cold!

– The Finicky Cynic


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