Bed Bugs in My Apartment?!!

Holy shit holy shit holy shit…

Bed bugs are the last thing that I ever want to experience in all four years of my college career.

No, correction: they should never be experienced at all in life.

A couple of nights ago, my roommates discovered in their beds those blasted insects, red and angry and laying their eggs all over the goddamn place. My roommates were freaking out, and I was freaking out as well. Mind you, this was happening during the night, and I was about to go to sleep knowing well that my bed was also under threat.

I had checked, double-checked, and triple-checked my bed for signs of bed bugs. None. But that still didn’t comfort me when I finally turned in, sleeping fitfully and hyper-paranoid.

The next morning, I went to the landlord/manager of our apartment and reported the issue. He was nice about it, and gave me the paperwork and information about how to resolve this problem. Basically, the professionals will come in some time next week (landlord said Thursday, but we’re pushing for earlier) and before then we have to strip our sheets, vacuum like crazy, and move our personal belongings out so that the workers can come and extinguish those awful critters. We won’t have access to our apartment for about four hours; a little inconvenient, but definitely worth it in the long run, especially when we’re completely bed-bug free.

Until then, I remain paranoid as hell. My other two roommates have migrated to the living room, sleeping in sleeping bags until this dilemma gets resolved.

Fuck bed bugs. They need to go die.

– The Finicky Cynic


4 thoughts on “Bed Bugs in My Apartment?!!

  1. Ooh, chicky, you got problems. You didn’t find any in your bed when you hunted but they rarely lay eggs out in the open like that. They hide in holes in furniture, practically microscopic holes in the walls, and in anything, ANYTHING that has stuffing fill in it. Yup, that means stuffed animals, pillows, mattress, bedding, sleeping bags, etc. Moving to the living room won’t help either, they follow the heat signature to their “dinner” and if they’re already in your belongings (they probably are) they will follow you to a hotel or Mom’s place or wherever else you might go. Take everything you own IN PLASTIC to laundry on they day they will blast your apartment. Unlikely the bastards can survive in the car for long, but I wouldn’t take any chances, and Won’t hurt to take an extra shower and washing or disposing of your other clothes as well. Ugh, I feel for you. Good luck!

    1. Yes, god, it’s terrifying. The professionals are coming in Thursday, and so far my roommates and I have taken measures to make it a smooth cleaning process (e.g. moving everything out, vacuuming every day, putting baking soda on the carpets, etc). But again, I won’t be able to sleep properly until all of this is over. Thanks for wishing me luck!

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