Stop with the Blue and Black Dress Debate!

Seriously, people. Priorities.

I first heard about this so-called controversy yesterday, when I assume that it first came about on the Internet. I saw it a few times on my Facebook Feed, but didn’t give it much thought. However, when I was out with a few colleagues later that night, they were talking about it a lot, showing each other the image on their phones.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the image:

Courtesy of

So we’re supposed to look at them and say which color(s) are present. And that’s when the problems begin.

To start off, everyone agrees that the dress composes of two colors. Those two colors, though, diverge after that. Some say that it’s white and gold, while others perceive it to be blue and gold or black or brown.

But really, who gives a fuck?!

I’m not to write what I had perceived the colors to be on this post, because it’s irrelevant. What I want to say is that I was astounded that people were so damn transfixed on this stupid dress for the whole day. The entire, freakin’ day. Like, really? I can understand that people are curious and that there’s supposedly some psychological explanation for this. But I really, really don’t care. After I had seen the image, I was done and moved on. The others, however, continued to argue and justify their reasons for the dress being blue or white or black or brown. Which gets really annoying, especially since we were hanging out and everything.

And I know that it’s sort of…hypocritical that I’m talking about this issue, especially since I really don’t give a damn about this blue-or-white dress debate. I’m just fueling more of the fire on this subject matter (pardon the cliché), and continuing to let it spread all over social media.

I’ll stop now. And you, you need to stop with this dress bullcrap. I’m out.

– The Finicky Cynic


2 thoughts on “Stop with the Blue and Black Dress Debate!

  1. Yes! Exactly! Methinks the people of the internet didn’t want to pay attention to more important things. What color(s) a dress is should only matter to the person wearing it. Thank you for aiming to set the internet straight.

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