It’s Over…

It is over, guys…

…the bed-bug situation.

Which had haunted me and my apartment mates for one entire week. (For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, refer to my previous post here: Bed Bugs in My Apartment?!!).

Which had exiled two of my roommates to the living room, sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags like refugees.

Which had made us strangers to our own apartment. We had packed up our possessions- clothes, bags, drawers, personal belongings- and moved them all out from our bedrooms, since the professionals had to come in and blast the whole place with chemicals and everything.

The professionals actually came last Thursday, and basically, we couldn’t be inside our apartment for several hours while they worked on it, a minimum of four hours. Because of that, I just decided to stay on campus all day, and I did, from 9 am to past midnight. Technically, I could have returned by 8 or 9 pm, but the reason why I stayed out so late is another story which I will tell another time…

In any case, moving everything back after the apartment treatment was daunting at first, since we had so much stuff, but it wasn’t too bad putting them back in their right places. In fact, from this whole situation, we’ve decided to rearrange our living space. My roommate, who used to have her desk in our bedroom, has moved it out into the living room, along with the other two roommates’ workplaces. My desk, however, remains in the bedroom; I just moved it to another location within the space. I still share the room with my roommate for sleeping, but otherwise, that’s it. My other two roommates have moved both of their beds to the smaller den room. Kind of cramped, but I’m sure they are fine with it and will manage.

I also washed all of my bed items- bed sheet, blanket, pillow sleeve- afterwards. Sounds weird, but I couldn’t be any happier when I took them out of the dryer, smelling warm and amazing, free from possible bed bugs. I definitely had a better sleep that first night back.

And I hope to God that this problem never happens again. Ever, in my lifetime.

Never, never, never.

– The Finicky Cynic


2 thoughts on “It’s Over…

  1. Oh my goodness you poor soul! I’ve been there. It was by far one of the most traumatizing experiences of my entire life. We had gotten some new furniture from a friend that moved out of state. Apparently her stuff was covered in them. I remember waking up every day covered in bites and not knowing what was going on. My mom put the hairdryer to my mattress and that’s when they started crawling out. She took my bedroom apart and tossed everything in the backyard. The sun managed to drag most of them out while we cleaned and washed the remaining stuff. I don’t remember how we ended up getting rid of them. I couldn’t sleep for days. I would always feel stuff crawling on me. Even to this day, if I ever feel any slight itch I panic. I hope this never happens to you guys again!

    1. Wow! Your experience sounds much more horrific than mine! I’m glad that your bedbug situation was taken cared of; I hope that it doesn’t happen to me again, too!

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