I Like… (Prose)

Hi, all!

Inspired by Carl’s monologue in the French film Entre les murs, I’ve decided to emulate that in my post today. This will be kind of different, since it is more “prose-y” than what I usually do. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it. Have a good weekend! 🙂


I like running. I like sleeping

until dawn. I like sleeping with you. I like vacations in

Taiwan. I like pasta, pop, and

Dutch house music. I like watching Cupcake Wars

and I like my parents and my sister. I

like my friends and going out with them. I

like Youtube comedies. I

like my hometown. I like watching people

on campus. I like trying new

restaurants and going crazy with wine. I hate car alarms and

false alarms. I hate men and women who think they’re

the shit. I hate arguing with my dad.

I hate fake housewives on TV. I hate

politicians, school shootings, punks and

snobs. I hate parents who are too

strict. I hate physics, racists, and I

hate rude people. I hated my old science

major and I like my English major.

– The Finicky Cynic

P.S.: For Carl’s monologue, you can find it on Youtube here: 


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