Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

In case you don’t know what this is, Pi Day is the day when we celebrate all things pi-related. And by pi, I am referring to 3.1415926… in mathematical terms.

This year is especially great, because it adds an extra two figures to the numerical value of pi: 3.1415, aka 3/14/15. So nerdy, but I love it. ❤

During high school, we would celebrate the day with mathematical references to the number: we would make T-shirts with cute and clever quips about pi, many of them pun-tastic (which I LOVED). A few examples:

“You’re such a cutie PI,”

“√-1 ❤ π” (translation: “I love Pi”).

“Shut your PI hole.”

“√-1 8 Σ π” (translation: “I ate some pi(e)”).

…and my own personal creation:

“I am high on Pi.”

What can I say? I’m a poet. 😛

In addition to that, we also celebrated by bringing in pies of all sorts: store-bought or homemade, fruit or cream-based, sweet or savory, and so forth. Reason being that not only is the word “pie” a homophone for “pi,” but the mathematical concept of pi refers to circles. And pies are circles, so that’s apropo for the day. In any case, pies are all delicious. I absolutely LOVE pie, regardless of the occasion.

Unfortunately after high school, there hasn’t been many opportunities for me to celebrate Pi Day. While my university does pay a small respect to Pi Day with a few pie bake sales on campus, I haven’t seen anything as big as the Pi Day events that my high school had put out.

Now, I just wear my Pi Day shirt that I had made back in high school, although it’s getting a bit too small for me. 😛 In any case, I still pay tribute to this special day by telling friends and family about it, blogging about it on WordPress *cough cough ;), and of course, eating pie!

So have yourself a slice of goodness today, and have a good Pi Day! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


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