Final School Term!

Hey, everyone!

Whew, I just came back last evening and man, I’m spent! With school starting up again tomorrow, I’ve been scrambling to get myself ready: preparing my schedule, checking out textbooks needed for my courses, and reading the materials for them (homework already, whaaat?!).

Spring Break just flew by so fast. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I traveled a lot more than usual (first to Albuquerque, then to Cambria, California- look out for a post on the latter soon!). And man, I ate so much. So so sooo much. Lots of good food, whether out of town or in-town; I definitely need to hit the gym once I return to school.

Ah, but yes: my final school term. With graduation looming on the horizon, I’m at once excited and nervous for what’s to come in these next ten or so weeks. I can’t believe that my four years in college is coming to an end so soon. While I won’t say that they have been the most amazing, perfect years of my life so far, I can say that I did experience a lot, changed a bit, and discovered what I really wanted in life, at least for the next couple of years after graduation.

But, before I get to graduate, I have to get through this final term! Still have a full load of classes to take and satisfy my English major and my other minor (I had already completed my French minor last term). Still have club duties to attend to, although at this point I’m getting tired of it. Pooh… 😛 In any case, I expect this term to be a bit more…happy, less depressing than the last. After all, I have the end of school (possibly forever!) and the summer to look forward to.

Once more, thank you for all of your support, my fellow Cynics. Without further ado, LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


5 thoughts on “Final School Term!

  1. nicolehurst

    I completely understand where you are coming from! I am about to graduate in August after a month in China! You will make it! And it will be worth it!

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