Things I Learned in College: Science Majors


Sooo…science majors…

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against science majors, or even the study of science itself. It’s just that I’m neither majoring in science nor do I intend to go back to it.

Yes, I used to be in the Sciences. During my first two years in college, I was on-track to becoming either a Biochemistry or Physiological Sciences major. Throughout each of the terms, I took plenty of courses in biology, chemistry, physics, even adding in some math to the equation (pun intended).

Then I switched.

Why? Because I wasn’t liking it. Not only that, but I was also struggling to get by; my mind just wasn’t understanding the mechanisms of the organic chemistry reactions, or the process of the angular velocity formula in physics. Even more so, I just wasn’t seeing the purpose of it all. Of passing these courses, graduating with a Bachelor of Science, and potentially going to medical school (for another how many years, I don’t even know).

I had a minor breakdown during Winter term of my second year. Physics class triggered it; I had to excuse myself from the classroom to go outside, and just…cry. Never had I felt so helpless in myself, unable to understand something as “easy” as Newton’s Laws of Motion, to even be in the science major at all.

At that point in my college career, I realized that it was time for me to reconsider my major. As for deciding which major I should consider instead, I settled on English, because I’ve always been interested in writing, and I had taken a few introductory English courses during my first year that I had really enjoyed. Since switching over, I’ve never looked back.

But enough of my back-story (I’ve already mentioned it a few times in other posts). I’m not here to say that the science major sucks and by studying the sciences, you will be putting yourself in hell. No, not at all. What I want to say is that the science major is not for everyone- especially myself. But if you are truly interested in or want to major in the Sciences, by all means go for it!

Really, I admire science majors. I have a few friends and colleagues who are specializing in fields like biology, physics, immunology, genetics, chemistry, and whatnot. All are super competitive, with everyone taking similar courses (in which contain 300-plus people per lecture) and vying for the best rank, best test scores, anything that will increase their chances of getting into medical school. How some of my peers not only go to class, but also work in the labs on campus, toiling long hours and getting hands-on experience to prepare them for similar opportunities in the future. There’s a lot of stress to being a science major, especially since now the job market is increasingly looking for candidates to fill positions in the medical and research sectors (not saying that the arts/humanities isn’t less stressful, but it’s a different kind of busy). Seriously, kudos to them.

Although I’m not in the Sciences anymore, I do appreciate my experiences while being in it. By slaving away and struggling in those courses, I discovered that it wasn’t right for me, and that by making the decision to switch entirely was a monumental step not only in my college career, but also in my own personal growth. Corny as it sounds, I was able to discover myself through the process.

Because, really: whether you choose to earn a B.A. or B.S. from college, it is the level of enjoyment and enrichment that matters. Take care.

– The Finicky Cynic



2 thoughts on “Things I Learned in College: Science Majors

  1. Hahaha, well said. I think it’s learning things that you actually enjoy doing.
    I’m glad you’ve realised your passion, and made the switch.

    Do you have any plans on what to do after your degree?


    1. Thanks for your comment! And yes, I have a couple of ideas/plans on what to do after graduation. I’m thinking about writing a post or two about this in the near future, so stay tuned! 🙂

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