My Top Favorite Poets

Hello, there!

Now, it must be obvious to you that I don’t just enjoy poetry- I love it. Adore it. ❀

Granted, I like creating my own works, but it is not always the case that I’m writing something new. Sometimes, I’m just not feeling inspired, or perhaps I just want to step back and see what other poets are up to. In other words, I also find pleasure in discovering and reading poems from others.

Here is a list of poets whose works I admire immensely. From the Romantics of Keats, Wordsworth, and Whitman to the contemporary pieces of Kim, Oliver, and Perez, my tastes run all throughout the centuries. You could almost say that it’s timeless. What I love in all of these poets’ works are their attention to images, to aesthetics, to lyricism. And from those few elements, I continue to fall in love with them with each subsequent reading, again and again. ❀

This list is by no means extensive; with the amount of budding or re-discovered poets today, there is no way that I can encompass all of them. What I have here is a snippet of the ones who are my current favorites.

Who are your favorite poets or poems? I’m curious to know! πŸ™‚

1. John Keats

2. William Wordsworth

3. Emily Dickinson

4. Walt Whitman

5.Β Edna St. Vincent Millay

6. William Carlos Williams

7. Craig Santos Perez

8. Suji Kwock Kim

9. Lynda Hull

10. Mary Oliver

– The Finicky Cynic


7 thoughts on “My Top Favorite Poets

  1. Hey! Have you read ‘Annabel Lee’ by Edgar Allen Poe? It’s one of my favorite poems. And ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling? I really like that one to. Oh, and do you like slam poetry?

    1. Yup, I’ve read Annabel Lee. I first read it in 8th grade. Very melancholy, very sad, but well-written. πŸ™‚ Never read “If” by Kipling, but will definitely check it out!

      I’ve been to a few slams, and while I enjoy listening to them, I don’t think that I would do it myself. Definitely a different atmosphere than what I’m accustomed to!

  2. I read a poem written by Edna St Vincent Millay about two years ago. To this day, I have never forgotten her beautiful lines: “All I know is that a summer sang in me once, which sings in me no more.” Beauty tinged with sadness… Or sadness tinged with beauty. I can’t decide. Either way, I found those words unforgettable. πŸ™‚

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