Missing Someone…

Hey, all.

Today’s post will be slightly more serious than usual. Something came up not too long ago and, after reflecting on it for a bit, I decided that I will go ahead and discuss it.

Before I start, I will preface this by saying that any people’s name will be kept anonymous, and that I do not intend to offend anyone by mentioning his/her blog.

Let’s begin.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a WordPress notification from a blog that I follow (and whose blogger follows me as well), saying that her blog will be switched to Private, due to some personal issues going on in her life. This blogger (let’s call her “Someone,” since it’s apropos to the title of this post) 😛 invited me to be one of the included Readers for her private blog, sending me an “Accept Invitation” button and everything. Unfortunately, at that time, I was on vacation, miles away from my computer and with spotty Internet reception on my cell phone. I tried to “Accept” her invitation ASAP, but I don’t even know if it went through, or if she received it at all. Even when I returned home and tried accepting it using my computer, she had already privated her account. So right now, I don’t even know if I had successfully accepted her invite and am now included in her blog circle or not.

And for some reason, it worries me.

Yes, I am aware that on a social platform as large as WordPress, blogs come and go all of the time. Some bloggers start up a blog, go at it strong for a couple of months to full years before losing steam, hitting a wall, and eventually dropping it all together. Some then choose to do one of several things: 1) private their blog, 2) abandoning it and/or starting up a new one, or 3) deleting it completely.

So really, why should I care that one of the blogs who I follow (and follows me) has decided to go private, possibly even deleting her account?

Answer: I do care.

I admit, I get attached too easily. Not in the obsessive/romantic sense, but rather a mutual kinship. “Someone” was a blogger who I really enjoyed communicating with; she would almost always have something to say whenever I wrote a new blog post, and I always looked forward to her posts as well. So when she said that she was going Private (and when I believe that I didn’t accept the invitation in time), I felt like I “lost” her. To the wild, crazy world of the Internet.

Besides her, I’ve noticed other bloggers who gradually disappeared over the time that I have been blogging here on WordPress. Many of them just get too busy with school, family, life in general. But from what I see, many also stop because of personal issues. I have observed that a good number of bloggers (at least, the ones who I follow), are dealing with problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction, sexuality, and other serious stuff that I would have never known about.

It surprises me, how there are so many people out there struggling with themselves. While I do acknowledge that I have some problems of my own, they are not nearly half as serious as the ones I read on WordPress. While I feel blessed that I lead a relatively *mundane* life, I can’t help but sympathize with those who are battling demons of their own.

…And I admire them. How they use WordPress as an outlet to cope with their problems. That’s what I call strength. Also, from what I’ve experienced, the blogging community is, for the most part, wonderfully supportive. Offering condolences, offering advice, offering hope. WordPress is just a network of mutual acceptance that keeps on accepting. Really, it’s great. ❤

But back to “Someone.” I miss her. I know that she must be going through some personal problems right now, and that it’s okay if she needs some time off or a more secluded space to share her thoughts. But I hope that we can find each other again in this huge sea of WordPress blogs and bloggers. One day. Same for the other bloggers as well.

I will wait for you. 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


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