Quality versus Quantity??

Hm…decisions, decisions…

The age-old question stands: is it better to have quality over quantityOr quantity over quality?

Now, if you’re in the majority, you would most likely choose “quality.” Why? It is a standard of something that we compare to others of similar stature. We tend to value high quality items, even if they’re in fewer quantity, than to have a lot of sub-par quality.

Take, for instance, Youtube videos (if you’re like me, who watches a lot of Youtube content, you will understand). 😛 There are some vloggers on the website who put out a video once every blue moon, but in doing so each video is innovative, polished, overall well-done. Others, on the other hand, are daily vloggers, meaning that they put new videos out every single day, if not more than once per day: their videos, then, tend to be more casual, roughly edited, even a bit incoherent to follow, since daily vlogs are about the individual’s day-to-day living.

Does that mean, then, that we should value videos that are put out less frequently, more so than those which are uploaded daily? I challenge this notion by asking you this: How can we say that one is better than the other when our tastes are completely different? In other words, why should we put values on everything when, in fact, we all have different standards?

Because really, why can’t it be both? Why can’t we give equal weight to both quality and quantity? Is “quantity” really such a taboo? Because it seems that the assumption is that, by having more of something, that thing’s quality will be affected negatively.

Which isn’t always true: again, take the Youtube video example: just because a daily vlogger’s videos are roughly edited and all over the place, that doesn’t mean that it should be considered “lower” than a vlogger who puts out a video every three months. If the daily vlogger’s videos bring something to the table in terms of entertaining and making the audience’s day just a bit brighter, then you know that there’s quality in it.

On the contrary, even videos that are made sparingly can also falter in terms of content: perhaps the vlogger discusses something that isn’t palatable to many audiences, or maybe the video just falls flat. In this instance, less-quantity is also less-quality.

Yes, I admit that under certain circumstances the quality-quantity power dynamic can be skewed in favor over the other, but it shouldn’t be totally black and white. There are different gradients of gray, whether dark charcoal or light timberwolf (analogy is getting a bit out of hand here…). 😛 Such as, the quality of the video is on-point (e.g. excellent lighting, awesome editing, etc.), but the rate of videos being made is slightly lagging (e.g. a vlogger who typically posts weekly has decreased to every two weeks or monthly). Or perhaps, on the flip side, the quantity is consistent (for instance, putting out videos every week), but the quality on some weeks aren’t as appealing (perhaps there wasn’t as much energy in one video than the other). Between quality and quantity, there is plenty of wiggle room for subjectivity and nuance.

At this point, you might be asking a couple of things: 1) what the hell is The Finicky Cynic talking about??, or 2) what’s the point of all of this??

To briefly answer question #1: My apologies. I am aware that this topic is a bit more abstract than usual, and I’ve tried to contextualize it with a relevant example (meaning, Youtube videos). I did my best. *shrugs*

And question #2: I was inspired to write about this quality-quantity dilemma while I was reflecting on my own content on WordPress. As most of you know, I aim to post at least once a day (with the exception of times when I was on vacation, at conferences, etc.). And I admit, there are some days when my posts aren’t as good as other days,’ and it definitely reflects in the viewership. I shouldn’t base my success on the number of likes and follows that I get from my blog, and I try not to, but what I am attempting to say is that, because of my drive to post daily, some of posts, I admit, are…less thoughtfulMaybe you all don’t notice it, but I see some of my stuff as not as deep- just frivolous fun. And for a while, that irked me, because I saw that as not challenging myself and writing to my potential.

But then, I thought about it, and realized that not every single post that I write has to be thought-provoking, to change the world in some way. They don’t have to be the freshest, most original, high-quality content out there. In fact, sometimes it’s all right for posts to be…fun! Like, making lists of favorite films, picking out a “Celeb Crush of the Day,” all of that doesn’t require a lot of thinking power, but through such posts, they can also bring bloggers in, based on similar tastes and passions. In that way, so-called “frivolous” posts can be of high quality.

As for quantity, though, I could choose not to post as much, not every day. Especially when I am lacking inspiration to write. But interestingly, I have never run out of things to say since starting my daily blogging back in October. I haven’t hit my writers’ block yet, and I hope that it remains that way. I choose to blog daily, because I want to engage with you all. Meet new bloggers, talk to them, and form kinship in the blogging community.

All right, I’ve said way too much already. Basically, what I wanted to say is that there is no definite answer to the quality-versus-quantity issue. It’s like the chicken-egg debate, in a way. We can never know for sure, but in that, we are content (pun intended). 😉

– The Finicky Cynic


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