Food Poetics (Poem)

Hey, all! Happy Wednesday. 🙂

I see today’s “poem” as more of a cluster of vignettes that I’ve extracted and modified from my Twitter haikus (and then some). I call them “food poetics,” or “food poetry.” Hope you find them enjoyable (not to forget tasteful- pun intended!). 😛

“Spaghetti stories

half-baked in tomato aroma

steaming saucy scenes.”


“Pummeled potatoes

teeming brown with soiled earth

flecked bits of tender-yellow.”


“Café lights dim the silence

behind neon glass of L.A.

city and coffee.”


“Dough hands sticky soft,

rise aloft smells of warm crust

baked to perfection.”


“Perfumes of dark cocoa

curling at home with you,

under sensual sweetness.”

– The Finicky Cynic


2 thoughts on “Food Poetics (Poem)

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