A Day at the Beach!

Hello, all!

Even though I was swamped with schoolwork this week, I decided to spend yesterday at the beach with some of my colleagues from my leadership organization on campus. It wasn’t like I was procrastinating by doing it (well…maybe a bit), but in any case, it turned out to be a good day.

Three of us, including me, went to the beach. The driver (let’s call him Randy) pulled up with his car around 9:20 in the morning; I got in with my other colleague (let’s call her Sarah), and we hit the road. The beach wasn’t too far from our campus, so we arrived at the location around 9:45.

Originally, the purpose of our trip was to go to the beach and help out with trash clean-up. We were supposed to meet up at site at 10, but after we arrived, we spent the next half hour trying to find where we were supposed to meet other clean-up volunteers. We had asked staff at the aquarium, but they said that they didn’t really know. After a while, we gave up, and decided to spend the next two to three hours just hanging out around the beach.

I hadn’t been to this beach very often, even though I was from the area; I think the last time that I had came was two years ago. But in any case, the boardwalk wasn’t too busy that morning; Randy, Sarah, and I walked along the pier, taking inΒ the sights and smells of the place. Lots of street artists and musicians, souvenir shops and restaurants, and all of that good stuff. Went down to the sand, and set camp near the water, talking and watching the waves roll in and out. It was nice, atmospheric and calm, observing the people playing soccer in the sand and teenagers frolicking in the ocean, screaming every time the waves came in. And the weather was pretty good for that day, especially considering that it had rained two days before. It was a tad cloudy, but eventually got warmer as the day went on.

Around 11, we decided to quit the beach and go to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Stopped by a casual-style, but faux up-scale American restaurant. Got their “gourmet burger” which, I have to admit, was really damn good. I’m usually not a fan of burgers, but this one I would choose to get again. πŸ˜›

Stopped by a small cupcake shop along our way back to campus. Bought three to-go, and instantly devoured them once I returned to my apartment. Don’t judge. πŸ˜›

We arrived back on campus around 1:30, and went back to the apartments. Overall, it was a pleasant time, even though what we had planned to do (i.e. beach clean-up) didn’t end up happening. I didn’t really care whether we did it or not; I just wanted to go to the beach and get away from the pressure and stress of school, even if it was only for a few hours. I’m glad that I went and got to bond with some of my colleagues, more so than if we had met during the weekday, during meeting.

I leave you with a few snapshots of my day at the beach. Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone! πŸ™‚

– The Finicky Cynic


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